The Alexa Toolbar: Why You Need this Piece of Crap.

There’s only one toolbar I can’t do without, and that’s RoboForm. I have over 60 password protected sites and I was more than happy to fork over the 30 bucks. IMHO, all the other toolbars are crap, with Google’s toolbar being the least crappy.

One of the worst toolbars is Alexa’s. It slightly slows down browsing, it’s Spyware (Spybot Search and Destroy will remove it unless you tell it not to), and it has an unremovable icon link to Amazon – just what you didn’t need -right?

So you’re probably wondering why I have the Alexa Toolbar Installed on my browser and why I tell my fellow black hat webmasters to do the same.

Alexa Tool Bar For Black Hat SEO

It’s not the “pop-up blocker” – we already had one of those – right? And it’s not that it displays related links, site contact info or site traffic stats – although that’s not completely worthless i guess. . .

It’s simple. The Alexa “spyware” toolbar monitors all my surfing and collects information about what domains I visit. They don’t know that it’s “me” – they collect it as anonymous user data and use it to rank web sites. Not only does Alexa use this information for determining where people surf on the web but so does google. Let me repeat that fact so it sinks in:

Google Uses Alexa’s Information For Ranking and Indexing!

Installing the Alexa toolbar and surfing your own site will absolutely help you get your sites indexed by Google more quickly. I just started this blog today, and the googlebot has already come by without any inbound links!

Because the Alexa toolbar is such a pile, no one ever keeps it installed. So just by updating and surfing your own site daily, (assuming NO ONE else does), you can get your Alexa ranking from 5,500,000 or “no data” to around 300,000 in under a month and to 100,000 in 3 months.

Alexa Rankings and Google PR are two of the main factors uninformed people look at when considering link exchanges. (Page Rank is completely useless BTW we have a white hat PR 4 site that gets 20 visitors a day and unranked sites that get several thousand per day).

If you remember the Nielsen Company, famous for the Nielsen Ratings, you understand that what is put on television was once determined by what a minute fraction of TV viewers watched: The people with a Nielsen box on their TV Set – The Nielsen Families. Having the Alexa toolbar installed on your browser is like being a Nielsen Family for the web. Your surfing habits will determine what is most “popular” and what sites should be ranked higher in the SERPs.

That was reason enough for me to install the Alexa Tool Bar. Download it for yourself, and watch your Alexa Rankings Skyrocket over the next several weeks. We know Google looks at the Information, which means that Yahoo and MSN are probably looking at it too.

Alexa’s Toolbar is a Great Black Hat SEO tool.

Become a Nielsen Family For the Web - Install The Alexa Toolbar Now.

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21 Responses to “The Alexa Toolbar: Why You Need this Piece of Crap.”

  1. Jessie says:

    Can this same technique be used with the Alexa tools for FireFox? (Alexa doesn’t provide a toolbar for firefox, the community has developed one…)

  2. QuadsZilla says:

    I have not looked at the Firefox plugin’s code. Depending on how it’s written, it may send a request to alexa for every page you go to for the traffic data – so you might be covered. On the other hand, the Firefox plugin probably has less alexa spyware.

    Of course I use firefox, but I surf my own sites a little every day with IE/ and the alexa toolbar to pad the rankings. As you can see, it’s obviously working, check out my traffic levels.

    I’m not 100% sure if the Firefox plugin works, but I know for a fact that IE one does.

  3. Jessie says:

    There is a program called Fake Rank ( that pings alexa to raise your rank. I don’t know if this will work for getting indexed – but it may be worth testing on a non-indexed page…

  4. Alexa Surf says:

    The Firefox Plugin does does not lower your rank. I took a dead (not marketed) site for 1 month and had 4 different computers set it to their Firefox home page and it did not budge (the rank went from NA to NA).

    We invite everyone who is interested to check our program that will lower your Alexa Rank. We also have a php script that will track how many alexa users that come to your site.

    We have tested quite a few of the “Alexa Booster” type programs and with no sucess. This is part of the reason why we have devloped our Auto Surf program for getting a lower Alexa Rank

  5. gnulli says:

    that’s bullock. why should google use alexa’s data, when they’ve got much more detailed data from the google toolbars users?

    other SEs might be using the alexa data, but there’s no need for google to use it.

  6. Gipz says:

    Just a question. Whats up with the affiliate id after the link?

    How much money do you make from this? 🙂

  7. QuadsZilla says:

    it’s more about the link to seoblackhat in the toolbar than the amazon affiliate. No one’s ever going to buy anything from the amazon portion of the toolbar.

  8. Gipz says:

    Ok, didn’t see that the blackhat logo was inserted into the toolbar…

  9. TheJimmy says:

    That’s a shame about the firefox plugins not working, I love using SearchStatus for quick checking of indexed pages, backlinks etc…

    I’ll have to checkout using IE again on occasion with the alexabar rolling in it…is there a commercial or free autosurfing alexa tool out there yet? The only alexa manipulating tool I know of and have used a few times with varying results has been alexabooster, which I got an old copy of from the program over a year ago…

    PS: Great site! I’m a n00b here, but have been doing the Net biz since 99/01

  10. glasseye says:

    The A9 toolbar is for Firefox and Netscape, which pulls the Alexa daa into it’s ‘site info’ portion. That should count as a vote.

    A9 Toolbar –

  11. matiasn says:

    Cawl ! , I went from 4 millon and something to 800.000 and something… don t know whats the use, but still cool. thxs a lot.

    : )

  12. frak says:

    I am wondering if you did any pinging on your early posts? Was it really just Alexa in total isolation?

  13. ubahn says:

    I find the SearchStatus ( toolbar better suited for us webmasters and SEO nuts, it sends stats to Alexa and Google, and shows Alexa Rank and PageRank of the current site.

  14. […] Alexa is spyware.  Alexa also provides an interesting service to do website ranking.  Quadzilla even ran an article about how Alexa can be used to help Google index your website.  I haven’t confirmed this claim, but it’s an interesting premise.  Using other conduits to spider your site for you, is pretty fascinating.  Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, Quadzilla’s links to Alexa are including a referal link (presumably to get some cash out of the deal) so I’ll probably end up verifying this claim at a later date to ensure it’s on the up and up (not that I don’t love Quadzilla, just that blackhat is as blackhat does). […]

  15. parker says:

    Here is the best reason to download the Alexa toolbar that I have found:

  16. […] This website seems to have some good information about Alexa. And, since I use firefox, I don’t use the alexa toolbar. I really refuse to use IE. So Firefox it is. But there is an add-on for FF that supposedly reports stats to Alexa. Since I do a bunch of web browsing, I thought it’d be good to get my stats in there too! […]

  17. […] …Simply because you can game your alexa ranking, and game your alexa ranking again, and hell you can even game your Technorati rank too. And page rank, smage rank, that’s all I gotta say about that. And that’s all that needs to be said. As for links, I have links, but Google doesn’t seem to recognize them, so links aren’t everything obviously. […]

  18. […] While perspectives differ on what toolbars etc, are malicious or spyware (consider the debate over the popular Alexa toolbar) the key here is make to sure it’s a recognizable company. Screensavers offered from reputable companies are fine, as are toolbars and browser helpers. Even pop-up ads are fine as long as you recognize the brand. To get a sense of how reputable a program is, Google the company, see if anything about “how to remove” comes up, and if not click away. […]

  19. […] SEO Black Hat explains with kind words why you want the toolbar. […]

  20. I just tried installing alexa,but my anivirus(nod) gave me “trojan/virus warning. It’s weird,since alexa says they don’t have any of that stuff in there(they did before!!). Google toolbar didn’t gave any warnings!