The SEO Black Hat Illusionist: Making the Dark Seem Light.

Most people are not hard core SEO black hats. On the other hand, no SEO worth his salt has never had a site banned. If you’re not a full-on SEO Black Hat Search Engine Spammer, but just wanted to remain competitive, you have probably engaged in some less than white hat tactics: Buying a few links, a little Keyword stuffing here, maybe some manual comment spam there.

If you want to run a legit site, like, you can’t use blatant black hat tactics without getting banned. On the other hand, if you do no use at least some shady Search Engine Optimization tactics, it’s gonna take you a long time to get noticed.

So the SEO question becomes, for legit sites, how dark can I go? Well, take this picture for example:

Black Hat vs. White Hat: Gray Illusion

Obviously, you want your legit site to be more like “Square B” than “Square A”.

A site that is “Square A’s” shade of gray will probably get banned, while a site that is “Square B’s” shade of gray will probably excel.

But hold on a minute! Square A and Square B are both EXACTLY THE SAME COLOR. They are both hex #6B6B6B. if you don’t believe me, download it and see for yourself.

The lessons here are:

Perception is reality. If you are GOOD at Blackhat Search Engine Optimization then the Search Engines will perceive your sites to be exactly what they are looking for.

The standards by which your are judged are relative to your surroundings: Just as your color perception is affected by surrounding colors – Practices that could seem benign become more high-risk when you are in a bad neighborhood.

You want to be as shady as possible when it comes to your SEO tactics, while seeming as light and innocent as possible. It’s all a question of how to manipulate and game search engine’s perception.

The above illusion was taken from this site.

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2 Responses to “The SEO Black Hat Illusionist: Making the Dark Seem Light.”

  1. rollinj says:

    Ha, I copied this picture into Photoshop… proved to myself that the colours ARE indeed the same… and I still don’t believe it lol.

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