Niche Selection for Black Hat SEO

As an Internet entrepreneur, you should understand the economics of media 2.0. Part of why Black Hat SEO works today is because the Internet is shifting potential economic opportunities from hits to niches as Chris Anderson describes on his Long Tail Blog.

Without going into the specifics about projects we are working on, there are seemingly endless opportunities for Effective Niche Aggregators to be almost completely automated. Whether you call this Black Hat or White hat is entirely up to you. But when I see opportunities to have low maintenance computer scripts constantly updates a site with relevant information to generates highly targeted traffic, I call it money in the bank.

Media 2.0 is all about the economics of attention (open .ppt with OpenOffice) as described in bubblegeneration.

“Media will be unbundled and rebundled at the personal (not mass) level Beyond narrowcasting, nichecasting to personal control over the ‘cast”

Today, the search engines give the personal control of the casting or “slicing” of data inquires to end users. Black Hat SEO opportunities exist because:

1. Search engines give more weight to specific “repackaging” of existing information and
2. Contextual ads services like as adsense allow the SEO Black Hats to monetize almost any niche or sub niche.

By targeting and optimizing for literally millions of relatively obscure search phrases (200-2500 Searches per month) the SEO Black Hat has two incredible competitive advantages over a pure play niche content producers:

The SEO 1. More Highly skilled at search engine optimization techniques (the repackaging of existing information) than other Niche specialists.
& the Blackhat 2. Gross profit of less than 10 cents per search phrase will sustain a highly profitable business.

Through technical SEO prowess, finely slicing niches and sheer volume, Black Hat SEO becomes an extremely viable and profitable business model.

So what does this mean for the Niche selection of an SEO Black Hat beginner? Effectively, one can profitably select any and all Niches that can generate advertising revenue. However, for beginners, I don’t recommend highly competitive SEO niches like prescription drugs. You be outclassed by people with both more technical SEO skills and more “authoritative resources” (High PR sites). Instead, go after the millions of low hanging fruits that have weak SEO competition. This will be tied to Keyword selection in a later post.

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2 Responses to “Niche Selection for Black Hat SEO”

  1. hermen shermen says:

    i gotta question … you mention adsense. doesn’t using adsense in and of itseld destroy your chances of flying under the radar?

    i mean, why bother with a bunch of different hosting accounts (and other things) if everyone of your projects contains your adsense ID #?

  2. G3kk0 says:

    “i mean, why bother with a bunch of different hosting accounts (and other things) if everyone of your projects contains your adsense ID #? ”

    That assumes you run naked with only one account. Blackhatseo 2.0 demands a knowledge of business structures as much as technical structures. They support each other. Corps are people too, so says the IRS. (Other contries can play via other methods.)

    So, reproduce by means of birthing business entities.