Why YPN! Sidestepped Spam Site Question

From Searchview’s 5 Questions with David Zito of Yahoo Publisher Network we see Q&A #3 relating to search engine spam and scraper sites:

3. Spam has been a big problem with your competitors – scraper sites and such. What is your strategy for preventing its negative effects?

Click-through protection has been a top priority for Yahoo! since we pioneered the space in 1998. We’ve continually refined our systems and have built up numerous layers of defense against unwanted clicks.

The beta participants we are initially inviting have been pre-screened for content and site quality. In addition, we have built proprietary quality systems and processes to monitor offensive and inappropriate sites. We will continue to monitor and enhance these systems and processes during the beta period to develop a full set of quality criteria to be used when we open the program to all interested publishers.

Notice David avoided saying anything about spam or scraper sites? He only mentions “numerous layers of defense against unwanted clicks” (click fraud), and “offensive and inappropriate sites” (hate speech and poorly targeted sites).

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that their respective Search Groups want the best possible, non spammy results to populate their SERPs.

However, neither YPN nor Adsense really want to stop their ads from appearing on spammy sites. They both know it’s a major money maker. As long as you stay within the TOS, you should be fine.

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  1. spider ninja says:

    so true 😉 major conflict of interest here with the SE’s reaching down into their SERP to get revenue