GoogleBowling SEO Black Hats for Hire

If you are #6 in Google for “Keyword Search Phrase” and the 5 competitors above you get removed from Google’s Index, you would be number 1.

Well, that’s not just wishful thinking anymore. SEO Black Hat GoogleBowling is now a reality.

The term Google Bowling was coined by Terry on threadwatch and elaborated on by Greywolf in April of 2005.

So what is GoogleBowling? At it’s simplest it’s using anchor text to bowl over, or sabotage another website.

According to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, Google engineers, and Google’s March 2005 patent application, what is done off site can negatively effect a site’s rankings in Google’s search engine results. Including:

Purchasing Site Wide Links
Many links having the same exact anchor text
Links from “Bad Neighborhoods”
“Sneaky” Redirects AKA Doorway pages
Using Cookie Cutter sites
Keyword Stuffing
Automated Querying of Google

That means, if your competitors starts using tactics like poorly cloaked doorway pages and buying site wide links, they may get penalized, sandboxed or even banned.

So, why not take the initiative and buy this search engine spam for your competition??

SEO Black Hat is now a gun-for-hire. We will not engage in hacking, fraud or anything that is illegal. However, today SEO Black Hat will begin brokering Google Bowling Services.

Specifically our a-la-carte Googlebowling services will include:

1. Links from bad neighborhoods to ANY site you want:
a. (Domain) Site Wide links on 1000+ page spam site
b. Obvious Computer generated content
c. All the Same Anchor Text
d. WAY over keyword stuffing (10% or more per page – total spam)
$100 per Spam Site – No maximum!

2. Java Scripts or “un”-sneaky Redirects to ANY site you want
a. AKA moron cloaking – easy to detect
b. Hidden text./ Gibberish on every page!
$100 per thousand doorway pages – No maximum!

3. User Agent Doorway pages – to ANY site you want
a. less easy to detect – but can be reported
b. Hidden text./ Gibberish on every page!
$100 per thousand doorway pages – No maximum!

4. B&P Splog Spam – $100 per thousand posts from a .info domain pointing to any URL you want..

We are working through the details on these tactics and more:

5. Mass Automated Querying of their URL in Google.

6. Referral Spamming

Googlebowling is a tactic to consider only after you have exhausted all on site SEO.

It will probably take more than a few infractions to affect a sites rankings. We don’t recommend even trying to Google Bowl a competitor with less than $2500 worth of search engine spam.

It may take tens of thousands of dollars of Google-Bowling to affect all the sites that rank above you for a keyword phrase – with no guarantee of success. Some sites cannot be effectively Google Bowled at all.

But if you make a significant amount of money per sales, why not give it a try?

How much does climbing just one position in the SERPs help? (SERPs are “Search Engine Result Pages”)

How about 5 positions?

If 80% of surfers click on the #1 Google result and only 20% click on the #6 result, that would mean 4 times more clicks. Many companies make more than $5k profit per sale off the web. Including: Attorneys, Plastic surgeons, Drug Rehabilitation Facilities, Brokers, Business Consultants. . .etc.

For some businesses, 1 position in 1 Google Search Term Result could result in $50k or more in monthly fluctuations.

Keep in mind that Google’s official position is:

Fiction: A competitor can ruin a site’s ranking somehow or have another site removed from Google’s index.

Fact:: There’s almost nothing a competitor can do to harm your ranking or have your site removed from our index.

If anyone cares to test that statement, SEO Black Hat Google Bowlers are now for hire.


Note: We have plenty of search engine spamming capacity. But if you have the tools and would like to make money Google Bowling, please register with SEO blackhat and send us an e-mail.

Thank you Google for creating this revenue opportunity by giving people like us the power to Googlebowl.

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26 Responses to “GoogleBowling SEO Black Hats for Hire”

  1. […] Mit bisher nicht dagewesener Dreistigkeit geht eine Gruppe Suchmaschinenoptimierer vor: bieten gegen Bezahlung Seitensabotage bei der Konkurrenz an. […]

  2. preach says:

    Here’s an extra idea to go along with the bowling: collect a few million emails then put some fake viagra and/or kiddy porn offerings with links to the victim’s site. Did this one and it works like a charm!

  3. Marston says:

    Why? Isn’t that totally immoral?

    Plus, won’t this post totally increase the amout of hacking attempts you recieve? Surely you can guess just how many people you’ll piss off?

  4. Roger says:

    I’ve lost my white hat

  5. […] Vor einiger Zeit wurde der Begriff Google Bowling für das Schädigen der Suchmaschinenpositionen der Konkurrenz erfunden. Jetzt bietet dieses als Dienstleistung an und geht auch darauf ein wie dieses funktioniert. […]

  6. GoogleBowling: Konkurrenten aus den SERPs schädigen

    Vor einiger Zeit erfand Terry auf threadwatch das Wort Google Bowling, das die Bedeutung Schädigung der Konkurrenten aus den SERPs trägt. Nun bietet das SEO Black Hat Team diese als Dienstleistung an:

    SEO Black Hat is now a gun-for-hire. We will n…

  7. […] Unter Google Bowling, versteht man das rauskicken von fremden Webseiten aus dem Google Index, mittel z.B. massiver Verlinkung mit immer gleichen Linktexten von tausenden Spamseiten, Blogspam usw. Dieses wird nun doch tatsächlich von als kostenpflichtiger Dienst angeboten, ich weiß nicht so wirklich ob das Ernst gemeint ist oder nur ein schlechter Scherz ist. […]

  8. […] Originalbeitrag: Google Bowling SEO Black Hats for Hire […]

  9. hermen shermen says:

    trying to manipulate serps by destroying others is pretty lame. i’d rather focus on bringing my site up and beating it that way.

  10. The only problem is, that those kicked off the index could then hire others to kick them who kicked them.. nice round up… in the end, there is no index..;)

  11. Tim Yang says:

    I don’t know if anyone remembers that Indian ad clicker I wrote about in May. I actually told him about Google Bowling for Adsense and told him that he and his Indian clickers could make more money out of that since not that many Indian ad clickers were in that market yet.


  12. Bob says:

    David, I think you’re missing the point. It’s about sbh making $$, it’s got nothing to do with rank or search engines.

  13. Gerald says:

    one question – when did seoblackhat lose it’s pagerank?

  14. QuadsZilla says:

    I started the site on 7/23 – after the latest Google Dance.

  15. SEO-Mythen (I)

    Immer wieder tauchen Schauermärchen über Balck Hat SEOs auf, die die Websites der braven Webmaster durch geschickte Manipulation schädigen. Keine Angst, die meisten der im Netz geisternden Angebote der Art “Wir kicken Ihre Konkurrenz” si…

  16. spider ninja says:

    “Hidden text./ Gibberish on every page!”

    haha…I got the script for that 😉

  17. cristinamariaro says:

    “Some sites cannot be effectively Google Bowled at all.” Why?
    1. How to protect my site?
    2. Another problem: I receive so much spam in my blogs comments. How to be sure it is just spam or google bowling?
    3. Google is protecting the spammers? I haven’t enough time to study how Google AdSense works. I receive spam in the comments to a page like “//www.example for”
    On the main (idexed) page of “//www.example for” I found Google AdSense ads. It is normal?

  18. Name says:

    You’re joking right?

  19. LOLA says:

    @cristinamariaro How to protect my site?

    Just purchase or something like that. 🙂

  20. Terminator says:

    If this is really true (I doubt it) then you will, one day, mess with the wrong people….

    Trust me.

  21. Google Bowling – Fremde Webseiten aus dem Google Index kicken

    Unter Google Bowling, versteht man das rauskicken von fremden Webseiten aus dem Google Index, mittel z.B. massiver Verlinkung mit immer gleichen Linktexten von tausenden Spamseiten, Blogspam usw. Dieses wird nun doch tatsächlich von seoblackchat.c…

  22. […] Ett kontroversiellt om inte nytt ämne, och enligt Google själva kan givetvis inte nÃ¥got sÃ¥dant hända. SEO Black Hat kallar detta för ”Google Bowling”. […]

  23. netheo says:

    What happens if you’re ranked number 6 then spend $2500 on getting the other five delisted, and then your page gets dropped anyway.

    The algorithms are changing all the time and so is the position of pages in the serps. You can be 6 one wekk then over 100 the next.

    Seems like a good way to lose money.

  24. […] Originally Posted by Keniki A large amount of inbound links from bad neighbourhoods can indeed damage your site its called "Google Bowling". I’m not a believer of "Google Bowling". Reason I’m using the word believer is because as far as I’m aware it’s still only a theory. A handful of SEO companies have been spreading rumours just to gain a little publicity. On the other hand, I have just found this website: which suggests there are quite a few people out there who "believe" this theory to be true. However, if you carry on reading right to the end of the page, you will see this: Quote: […]

  25. Google Bowling do help in gaining over rankings of competitor’s site but why to get into illegal things and get yourself banned?? Anyways, can anyone please suggest me any way to get unbanned from google after getting banned due to google bowling by competitor? how to get the spam backlinks for own site deleted?

  26. […] I’m telling you about Google Bowling so you are aware that it exists.  There are people on the internet that use it.  SEO Black Hat is selling Google Bowling as a service.  You should always keep watch to make sure it’s not happening to you. […]