Step 1: Get 1 Million Myspace Friends.

Internet Business Model:

Step 1: Get 1 Million Myspace Friends.
Step 2: ?????.
Step 3: Profit.

Here’s an interesting story about ‘Sammy’ who wrote a worm that helped him make over 1,000,000 friends on myspace in less than a day:

If someone views my profile and gets this program added to their profile, that means anyone who views THEIR profile also adds me as a friend and hero, and then anyone who hits THOSE people’s profiles add me as a friend and hero… So if 5 people viewed my profile, that’s 5 new friends. If 5 people viewed each of their profiles, that’s 25 more new friends. And after that, well, that’s when things get difficult. The math, I mean.

Is it a XSS attack if it’s all on the same site? Well sorta.

Myspace strips off the word Javascript, so he just split the word ‘JavaScript’ into two lines in his CSS. oojee covered something similar in the comment section of SEOblackhat here.

Sammy’s full technical discription is here.

For insite on what to market to these 1,000,000 new friends, we turn to a Web 2.0: Conversation with Five Teenagers. I love the part when Safa (the moderator) was trying to find out what eCommerce sites they’d visit. After asking where they buy cell phones, there was an exchange that illustrates that the world is really different for digital natives:

Moderator: Let’s say you want to buy a CD player, where would you go?
Sean, age 17 (puzzled): Ummm, a CD player…? (crowd laughter)

Might as well have asked him where he’d buy a VCR.

The discussion goes on to reveal the popularity of Myspace among teens and how one of their top uses for disposible income is custom ringtones.

So quite possiably, “step 2” in the in our title business-model could be “talk about the cool new ringtones you just downloaded” (with an affiliate link -of course).

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3 Responses to “Step 1: Get 1 Million Myspace Friends.”

  1. rssg says:

    i thought you might want to write something about a free site generator: RSSG

  2. John says:

    That is hilarious with the mySpace thing. If you actually read his website, it was more of a pain than anything else. If someone can write a code that infects people and have a way of stopping it so it doesn’t infect too many, then it could be useful.

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