It’s Not a Splog, It’s a Newsmaster Site!

Words are powerful. Often, framing how a subject will be discussed can determine the outcome of a debate before it even begins.

Politicians are masters of the “name and frame.” Think of terms like “pro-life” and “pro-choice.” Who could be against either of these terms?

Other examples include:

“They’re not Terrorists they’re Freedom Fighters. ”

“This isn’t smut, it’s art. ”

“It’s not a bald spot, it’s a solar panel for a sex-machine.” (from Doctorow’s Metacrap)

It’s not a Scraper it’s Oodle.

Well it dawned on me when reading RSS Wave: Good Examples of Newsmaster Sites, that I don’t make splogs, I make Newsmaster sites!

Harry Potter News is probably one of the best examples of effective commercial newsmastering accessible out there.

There are a multitude of Web sites that post news and rumors about the Harry Potter world. The Harry Potter Automatic News Aggregator (HPANA) was created to monitor several of the top news sources on the Web and provide near-instant alerts when new information is published.

This unique service is accomplished using custom, automated scripts that go to each source, capture data in whatever format is provided (text, HTML, or XML), parse the headlines and summaries, and finally index them in a database.

They go on to list about 20 other “Newsmaster Sites” that used to look like spam to me. But now that I have these great rose colored glasses to go with my black hat, I can clearly see that these are most certainly Newsmaster Sites.

So the real questions are:

Why does Mark Cuban Hate Newsmaster sites?

Why does Google hate Newsmaster sites? and

Why don’t these ultra-rich want us to read the news?

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3 Responses to “It’s Not a Splog, It’s a Newsmaster Site!”

  1. Dave says:

    They don’t want us to make money..that’s Google’s job.

  2. […] Think of it this way – If someone had a website with EXACTLY the news that you were interested in, and nothing else you would be very happy to read it. It wouldn’t matter that the site was a splog newsmaster site, or the product of a great news team. Either way you are happy with the end result. […]

  3. Tom Hebert says:

    OK, then let’s, um, think of it this way:

    You actually *write* the content for That’s why people read it. That’s why it’s successful. Even people like me who fervently disagree with most of your views read it because it has a certain value. It’s *real* content, written in a very focused way for a very specific audience.

    Autogenerated, auto-spidered vomit via whatever automated tool just serves to make the Signal-to-Noise ratio worse on the web for people trying to find the right atom of information. And to think you and yours do it simply to make a buck disgusts me. You guys are the ‘bad’ bacteria in the body of the web – hopefully the host will evolve to tolerate you, but some days I wonder.