Google Sitemap Generator and Other Cool WordPress Plugins

Page to Front Choose a page from the DB to display as the front page of your weblog.

Google Sitemap Generator for WordPress Generates a Google Sitemaps compliant sitemap of your blog.

Static Jack Static Jack is a neat little plugin that makes it incredibly easy to add static content to a WordPress powered website and have the static content automagically wrapped in the blog skin, theme, or template… depending on your lexicon of choice.

WordSpew AJAX Shoutbox This plugin gives you a shoutbox in your blog that refreshes on its own and allows for live chatting from within your browser. It works almost like an IM client! Features include an admin panel, color customization, pretty timestamps, and easy installation.

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One Response to “Google Sitemap Generator and Other Cool WordPress Plugins”

  1. Jack says:

    FYI on Static Jack – I updated it a few weeks ago for version 2+ and also added a very nifty and even more useful plugin called SafeIncludes. Just thought your readers might want to know.