IP Cloaking Software

Before we go over the specifics of some quality cloaking software, I’d like to cover a few basics.

Some definitions:

Cloaking: Cloaking Involves using the ip address or features of the HTTP request (e.g. the User-Agent field) in order to identify and deliver unique content to a specific ip or User-agent.

IP Cloaking: IP cloaking means using the IP address of the HTTP request to deliver different content to different IP addresses. Because it is extremely difficult to spoof IP address ( and still receive your packets), IP cloaking is the preferred method for delivering different sets of content to different users or spiders.

IP Delivery: Cloaking has an evil sounding name. The euphemism “IP Delivery” was coined so that all the big corporations including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM . . . and just about everyone who knows what they’re doing could “cloak” with impunity.

We’ll go over some of the many benefits to cloaking early next week, but if you’re anxious for an early peek – check out Kloakit’s IP Delivery Site. They cover some of the many benefits to IP Delivery.

Kloakit has a money back guarantee, so clearly Dan (the owner) stands behind his product. Yes, it’s an affiliate link – and yes that means we endorse Kloakit.

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13 Responses to “IP Cloaking Software”

  1. oojee says:

    it seems your site is turning into a bucket of affiliate crap 🙁

  2. QuadsZilla says:

    You left out the <sarcasm> tag</sarcasm. You have to be careful because at first I thought you were actually serious!

  3. bob says:

    its true every post seems to be fuckin affiliates

  4. oojee says:

    hehe 🙂

  5. Sean says:

    I’m curious how this software keeps track of which IP addresses belong to the SEs. If I had to do it I’d see what address space is being originated from the SE’s autonomous system, but I wonder if they’ve got some space that’s “secret” 🙂


  6. thetruth says:

    Be honest with everybody — the 2 best out there are Kloat-it & John Heards “IP Delivery”.

    But here is the question that seoBlackHat better be able to answer before they decide to come off as an expert in this area………


    If you can’t get and compare the lists as I did, then you absolutely CANNOT comment on the quality, usefulness, or reliability of either product.

  7. Mike says:

    Uhm.. .I dont think its a bucket of affiliate crap. I think this website is just informing us of great products, and blackhat news… And ill be honest, i look foward for product review to see if products are worth buying etc etc.

  8. bock says:

    What about 3 best out there? Don’t forget http://www.fantomaster.com

  9. bock says:

    So what if there are affiliate links? You are here reading aren’t you? If it’s useful and you need it, click on it and buy… I’m so sure each and everyone doesn’t have hundereds of thousands if not millions of affiliate links up, and there is damn sure nothing wrong with scratching each others back.

  10. bock says:

    Actually, as a matter of fact, I’d like to see MORE affiliate links here. Like links to things such as: Automated Trackback Spamming Tools, Automated Blog Spamming Tools, Site generation and auto incremental update tools, custom spider/database tools, hosting companies that can route 5 ip’s each from 500 different class c blocks to one hosting account/server, and HUGE datasets. Also, how about some enterprise class, massivelly scalable, completely integrated, centrally managed black hat tools?

  11. dreamedia says:

    I back bock on every thing but the “other peoples sites spamming tools” .

  12. Hemant says:


    I dont know that how much this technique will be helpful.

    Is this technique allowed?

  13. QuadsZilla says:

    -Is this technique allowed?

    There is very little chance of getting caught and currently no penalty if you do.

    -Is it helpful.
    The best use is sending nonsense computer generated pages that are just good for search engines all to the same or similar tour. Understand?