Brand New “Newsmaster Site” Gets Slashdotted

I am so Jealous.

This story on Brainblog got slashdotted.

Create a “Newsmaster site” on Nov 18th and get slashdotted on the 23rd. That does not suck!

This newsmaster site was created with grouper which I bought about a month ago but haven’t got around to testing yet.

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4 Responses to “Brand New “Newsmaster Site” Gets Slashdotted”

  1. Ozh says:

    funny typo here (or was it done in purpose ?) : your link to the site has got a double trailing slash ( which actually reveals directory content instead of index page …

  2. QuadsZilla says:

    that’s how i found out it was grouper 😛

  3. Steve Gill says:

    ..although at the bottom of the page it says: “Powered by Drupal”
    Is that the same as Grouper.. in addition to.. or something else?

    Either way – awesome site! (there’s and your’s). 🙂

  4. jetsetter says:

    Drupal is a CMS similar to WordPress but more oriented towards community building.