Worst Idea Ever?

Cash Keywords has a post is about a site helps you hide your text in images so others can copy it. Oh, by the way, that means that search engines can’t read and index your site either (unless of course you cloak it).

This idea apparantly brought to you by the people who cut off their nose to spite their face.

I have a simple four step solution that’s even more effective at stopping content theft:

1. Only write your copy on paper with a pen.

2. Don’t show it to anyone.

3. Set that paper on fire.

4. Kill yourself.

Moral: If you’re that worried about people stealing your content then maybe you shouldn’t be writing it.

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6 Responses to “Worst Idea Ever?”

  1. Martin says:

    It’s stupid for web site content, but it’s good to publish your email address on your web site if you do not want bots to grab it.

  2. Protecting Your Copy Online

    I had to post a link here to a great article on protecting your online copy from theft. It is funny how worked up people get about things. I can understand getting worked up about having your content/copy stolen and published on another website. It h…

  3. lasarten says:

    jaja you made me laugh

  4. […] “Quadzilla” (read: guy that thinks and is NOT pigheaded–most of the time anyway –) does a short right up about panonia: I have a simple four step solution that’s even more effective at stopping content theft: […]

  5. For all those paranoid folks I have a better solution. First, copyright your website for $30 with the US Copyright Office. Next, sit back and wait for someone to copy your content. A month or two later check your site out with Copyscape.com. Step three, find someone copying your site, call your lawyer and collect $100,000.

  6. Ben says:

    I really really love this blog you have here. I could not agree with you more, If they did not want people reading the information, simply don’t post it or e-mail it to everyone.

    LOL @ Andrew Johnson, simply NICE!