Yahoo! buys

The big news today is that Yahoo purchased Eariler this week we were talking about non-linear returns on acquisitions and why it’s a good idea for GAMEY (Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Ebay, Yahoo) to continue gobbling up strategic network components.

The Internet is once again a smart place to invest.

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5 Responses to “Yahoo! buys”

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  2. ech0 says: is down… its been down for a while now. i wonder whats happening.

  3. ech0 says:

    nvm, i was browsing around with the googlebot user agent.. lol. forgot to take it off.

  4. Ben says:

    The internet is always a great place to invest, just like housing. When the bubble bursts just buy hold on for 10 years and you’re a millionaire once again. It’s hilarious.