Redirect your way out of the sandbox

On Search Engine Watch, DaveN started an interesting discussion about how to use well aged domains to get other sites out of the sandbox.

I’m not sure if this method works or not as I’ve never tested it:

1. Find 3+ year old domain that Google crawls (that’s not in the sandbox)
2. Create subdomain on it (
3. Copy entire “newsite that’s in sandbox” to the subdomain
4. Modify dates on these files to just a few months after the old domain was first registered (make site appear older)
5. Get the subdomain indexed (summon googlebot with an inbound link to
6. After the subdomain is indexed, 301 redirect it to the newsite that you want out of the sandbox.

Sounds like it might work. By all accounts, Dave Naylor is a pretty savvy guy, so why not give it a try?

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10 Responses to “Redirect your way out of the sandbox”

  1. anty says:

    sounds like it should work!

  2. vex says:

    How da hell do u set the modified date of files

  3. Ozh says:

    I’ve done something similar which worked :
    – create a new site
    – redirect (301) traffic from an old unused which had PR4 to the brand new site. I called this “Recycle unused PR”
    Result : get listed on Google, with PR3, good SERPS and backlinks, in less than 3 weeks

  4. Идея по поводу выхода из сендбокса со ссылкой на SEW написал рекомендации, как можно обойти сендбокс.

    1. Найдите старый домен, который уже вышел из сендбок…

  5. Ben says:

    I also use EDU domains. 🙂

  6. ech0 says:

    well this should be fixed soon even if it does work… the spies are everywhere.

  7. Just a guy says:

    Just be careful if you’re redirecting to a spammy site. I used this method but never got around to redirecting to a new site and my established site got de-indexed by Yahoo. I filled out the proper forms and groveled and now the PR5 site is back in Yahoo.


  8. Irishwonder says:

    Have you seen Google Guy reply in that very threadin SEW? I wouldn’t hold my breath to this technique working much longer, however great it was originally.

  9. Tony Spencer says:

    I think proper credit should go to Jake and Oilman for talking about this on webmasterradio in one of the first rockstars shows but i still will buy jason da fine drink of choice at the next meetup for his excellent explanation of how to go about it. 🙂