Free Cloaking Script

You’re broke as a joke but want to cloak: So what can you do? How about a free cloaking script?

Let’s say you’ve used widgetbaiting or the markov chain to create 30,000 pages of unique content about bacon polenta recipes. Of course, no human surfer wants to read those pages but they are great spider food.

Well if you don’t want to use IP delivery like you’re supposed to, you can use this code to send your surfers to a sell page with text written for human consumption.

Now, this is not some unsneaky java redirect that will get you banned in the Search Engines. * If you use this code, you may get banned in some search engines.* Rather, it’s a error loophole designed for you to exploit:

<img src=nofilehere.gif‘’,’_top’)>

Just make a page with any kind of spider food / keyword spam that you want on it and then add that line to the page.

When surfers visit the page, they will be sent to “” because the requested image file does not exist (therefore there will be an error). The spiders and search engines, on the other hand, will all see the original page.

This free cloaking script is inferior to premium cloaking software for many reasons. If you are scraping content, this method does nothing to help you get past duplicate content filters. This free cloaking code does not protect your code from surfers or your competition. Surfers will briefly see these spider food pages load. They may, in turn, report you to the search engines who could decide that using this code in the manner described is abusive. So, I would not recommended it for sites that you cannot afford to have banned.

Many high profile sites and fortune 500 companies use Cloaking to send different content to different IP addresses. But they don’t use code like this or cheesy redirect scripts – they use sophisticated cloaking software – IP delivery is the safer and preferred way to cloak. Honestly, I’ve never even heard of someone actually getting banned just for IP cloaking. I know that people do get banned for using crappy JavaScript redirects but in my opinion, getting banned for IP Cloaking is one of the great Black Hat SEO myths; it just doesn’t happen.

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3 Responses to “Free Cloaking Script”

  1. Dan says:

    I hadn’t heard of that type of redirect before. Good one! However, although it isn’t a sneaky javascript redirect, it definitely is a sneaky redirect.

  2. shery says:

    Hello All,

    Nice Stuff, can any one give me the exact cloakin scripts with all the IPs og Google.


  3. QuadsZilla says:

    Klokit has all the IPs for Google.