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“The search traffic that we have converts very well – we want more. Will you do SEO for [our Adult Affiliate program]? Do you have any information about Adult SEO on SEO blackhat?”

Targeted Adult Search Traffic is the most desirable traffic you can send to your adult sites for 3 reasons:

1. When MSN, Yahoo, or Google Search traffic converts, you don’t have to pay an affiliate or a Webmaster referral – you keep 100% of the money from search traffic sales.

2. This search traffic continues month after month – long after you’ve factored in the cost of your investment in Search Engine Optimization.

3. Unlike TGPs (Thumbnail Gallery Posts), where your conversion ratio is often 1 in 1500, a high-ranking, targeted-search-term converts better than 1 in 100.

Because it so competitive, Adult & Sex Site owners need to employ a portfolio of “SEO best practices.”

Unfortunately for Adult site owners, many of the more reputable SEOs will not do Adult SEO (Search Engine Optimization for Adult Sites). Porn is considered one of the “Evil Trio” of Sex, Drugs (rX), and Gambling. Most of the better SEOs who do consulting don’t want to risk tarnishing their image by working in these fields (there’s just too much money in “clean” SEO).

As a successful Black Hat SEO, I don’t really need to do any consulting work. However, there are some cases where it just makes sense for me to do SEO consulting for a client who owns an adult affiliate program. When contacted to do Adult SEO, I look at all the numbers (searches, affiliates, revenue . . . etc.) and sites to decide if there is a good fit.

I know what SEO techniques work. Some of the techniques I discuss on seoblackhat are too risky for affiliate program owners (and as such, I don’t use them with clients).

I’m one of only a few SEOs confident enough to work on a success basis. For qualifying programs, we can work out a pay-for-results contract. These agreements amount to what the other Search Engine Optimization firms and SEO consultants don’t offer – an SEO guarantee.

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