Making More than $10K per day on .gov Frame Exploit?

Well this one is already out and on the boards so I’d be remiss in not reporting it here. If you look on the first 2 pages of Google Results for Viagra and other pharmas, you’ll see that someone has been using:

to help them in the SERPs.

Page one on Google for Viagra will net you around $10K per day.

Getting a string like this indexed and inserting the recipient of the link in the place of “” will a page that appears in frame like this:

.gov Redirect Black Hat SEO Exploit

If you add the Framebuster Javascript to your web page, the frame will be broken and the user will be directed to the target site.

Google is already on it. So don’t use this technique if you cannot afford to have the target site banned. And of course, if you’re thinking of using this technique as part of a phishing expedition, you just might have trouble updating your sites from federal prison.

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11 Responses to “Making More than $10K per day on .gov Frame Exploit?”

  1. nobody says:

    hey, can you explain how this was done? I guess google removed that result already.. however there’s one more interesting result for viagra: a blog listed on 1 first page for vigra- no PR, no backlinks. How did that guy get so high? the URL:

  2. Bad-ASS! I wonder what’s the story behind the discovery of that!

  3. timvw says:

    It’s time to donate the competition a couple of these links then 😉

  4. Rafa says:

    Looks like it`s already been fixed. My search for viagra in google only turned up one site that looked like it might be using some sort of exploit is a site.

  5. Dan says:

    Benoit, I found it. Saw the links in my blog and posted about it over on syndk8

  6. That was a true brainstorm. For the guys who used it, it was great while it lasted.

  7. pmac says:

    So I guess this blog is gonna turn into another place to out spammers as well eh? Shame.

  8. RPMiSO says:

    I’ve got a whole list of these sort of things, If anyone wants to use them in an effort for us both to profit contact me on remyztik [at]

  9. seomaster says:

    LOL… this kind of trick is older than my granny… not working anymore.

  10. alexf2000 says:

    This tecnique were published at some private seo forum about 3 weeks ago, basically someone showed the way how to discover this kind of pages in Google. So I guess someone started to use it. 🙂

  11. lars-s says:

    I’m impressed with these guys. I regularly check certain keywords to see what tricks the blackhatters are using… and try to use the same tricks with little success. Please help me get into the inner circle. I’ve had enough of white hat sites that Google keeps filtering.