CNN Poll: 84% of People are Conspiracy Nuts

Hilarious. This CNN poll indicates that 84% agree with Charlie Sheen that the government covered up the “real” events on 9-11. I’m sure I’ll get flamed for this one, because probably about 84% of you agree with Charlie Sheen! I would have put the number closer to 80%, but hey that’s within the margin of error – right?

You conspiracy nuts may proceed directly to the comment section and Flame away. Be sure to tell me about how aliens, ghosts, Elvis and the Easter Bunny were involved too. I know, I know – I just can’t accept the truth.

Conspiracy Nuts and Tin Foil Hats

OK, for the other 16% of us, this is great news. It means that no matter how outrageous, how ridiculous, or misaligned with reason of a story you dream up, up to 84% of people will buy it – Hook, Line and Sinker!

I’m racking my brain trying to come up with fake news stories and new conspiracy theories. People eat them up! It’s like a magic link machine: The crazier, the better. Don’t worry if it’s unlikely, implausible, or down right impossible – people will buy it AND link to it.

Black Hat SEO has a new calling; it’s the fake News Story, the Big Lie, the Tall Tale – and using social engineering to spread it throughout the web. Why? For the links and traffic, of course. I’m telling you, this is an absolute goldmine waiting to be exploited.

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29 Responses to “CNN Poll: 84% of People are Conspiracy Nuts”

  1. Pete says:

    Most people know there is some kind of a coverup. Someone needs to get their hands on some of the evidence.

  2. Long says:

    Man I normally like your blog, but you’re crazy if you don’t think that there was a government coverup. How could a plane fly into the Pentagon? It’s protected by SAMs. Plus they’re was almost no dammage to the Pentagon and almost no plane debris!

    Something definately fishy there.

  3. streetwise says:

    There have been plenty of high rise fires where multiple floors burned for hours on end and they didn’t even come close to falling.. let alone a free fall.. Too many demo experts and physicists have said there’s no way the buildings came down from fire.. These are the QUALIFIED ESPERTS that work directly with such structures.

    Anyone versed in physics and thermodynamics need only watch the buildings fall to see that they were freefalls with no stagger or hesitation. Steel framed buildings cannot fall in that manner without assistance.

    Hello?!? Jet fuel does not burn near hot enough to melt steel…But there are materials used in demolitions do detinate at a temperature that will melt steel…

    Last I heard, 2+2=4

    Those buildings were taken down by demolition blasts. No doubt about it.

  4. Fark pointed this one out — one of those conspiracy sites told everyone to go there and vote. Now, if you told me 84% of webmasters are conspiracy nuts, I’d believe it. And these comments are proving it.

  5. George says:

    As far as I’m concerned, “conspiracy theorist” is a synonym for “dumbass.”

  6. Scotty says:

    “Dumbass?” Come on, you cannot deny the strange aspects of the events. The PNAC wanting another ‘Pearl Harbor’, the stock purchases, the science that the fire couldn’t have brought down the towers, etc…

    How about how the survelience cameras (at a gas station and hotel) that recorded the attack at the Pentagon were confiscated within minutes of the attack? They’ve never been released to the public.

    Instead of five frames from only one. If you watch them in closeup don’t show a plane fuselage. Why? Because it was a missle.

    It’s safe to say the events of 9/11 haven’t been as investigated as fully as it could be BECAUSE of a coverup. The fact that this Administration has lied so much people are of course not going to believe anything they say anymore and assume they are lying about this as well.

    Open your eyes.

  7. doug says:

    Black Hat SEO has a new calling; it’s the fake News Story, the Big Lie, the Tall Tale – and using social engineering to spread it throughout the web. Why? For the links and traffic, of course.

    Heh. Sorry, one “Jon Rappoport” beat you to it…

    Obviously, this is nothing new. Look at people like Ward Churchill. For pushing the envelope he gets a lot more attention than reasonable outfits like Brookings. Same thing happens on the right side of the political spectrum too.

    Of course, these folks do it out of lunacy I think, without a profit-motivated philosophy. 😉

  8. doug says:

    Folks have said:

    How could a plane fly into the Pentagon?


    If you watch them in closeup don’t show a plane fuselage. Why? Because it was a missle.

    Yes. A missile. One with wings, an American Airlines logo, luggage, and dozens of passengers. Puh-lease.

  9. Nietzche says:

    As stupid as a conspiracy theory sounds, it makes more sence than virgins giving birth, parting seas, getting 72 virgins in the heaven for dying in a Jihad, or putting 2 of every animal on a fck’n boat … but look how many people believe that crap. 84% seems low to me.

  10. fjank says:

    Why is it that any implication that the government or its intellegence agencies could have done something horrible causes people to shout “conspiracy nuts” and “tinfoil!” and ignore it without looking at any of the evidence.

    Yes, there are a lot of nuts and dumb ass speculation about the events on 9/11 but there is also very good evidence that something fishy was going on. Crossing The Rubicon by Michael C. Ruppert comes to mind. For example, there were 4 overlapping NORAD drills involving hijack simulations goiong on that day causing our air defence and air traffic controllers to be horribly confused about wtf was going on until it was to late.

  11. Atmo says:

    You sound like a typical Republican…with a “cookie-cutter” mentality. To say that our political leaders (cowardly little draft dodgers and college dropouts) can do no wrong, and that conspiracies (human flaws) are totally impossible, well…I think you’re the one who needs a shrink, not your so-called “conspiracy wackos!”

  12. Tom says:

    This is only my second or third time at this site (I tend to visit almost daily) but after this blog you have made it to my bookmarks. =) Good job, keep it up!

  13. Winpoka says:

    I just recently became interested in conspiracies, and I’ve always considered those “conspiracy theorists” dumbass’ as well! One incredibly odd fact I came across was that your presidents of the united states (and most every other world leader) enjoy prancing around in womens clothing and acting out Druid (basically smart & rich people who withold information from not-so-smart people) plays. They’re all members of the secret society reffered to as “The Bohemian Club” – I’m not saying they’re doing anything, but I’m saying that it is being done and it’s just too weird for me to even understand to begin to theorize on! Have fun with that one!

  14. Kerry says:

    “OK, for the other 16% of us, this is great news. It means that no matter how outrageous, how ridiculous, or misaligned with reason of a story you dream up, up to 84% of people will buy it – Hook, Line and Sinker!”

    You 16% are guilty of your very own hypocrasy of “no matter how outrageous, how ridiculous, or misaligned with reason of a story you dream up” that the media blew 1.6 billion dollars on the “Official Story” from your government to sell you. This is a brand new story and got 84% though plain common sense, immediately, that cost 0 dollars with absolutely NO spin…

    Sounds like you didn’t even listen to the interview at all…

  15. Joe Black says:


    You guys are eating out of his hand right now, dropping comments like crazy… WHY?
    simply because you are the majority, and the article goes against the grain…

    So forget coming up with lies and conspiracy stories, instead just identify a subject that the
    majority of people believe true, then regardless of your own belief, even if you also believe
    it to be true, simply write an article that goes against the grain…

    THE RESULT!! well your comments page will end up looking just like this one ;o) not to mention the inbound links, diggs, tags etc.


  16. rxbbx says:

    I like your ideas and styling.. you are absolutely right.. the world is gone crazy for 80 percent. it’s the way how people react on things.. like i do now.. 😛

  17. Is it me or did the point of this go right over their heads? Way to go q.

  18. Eugeniu says:

    Yes , I thought about this some time ago but didn’t get the chance to acomplish it and I see lots of fake news/information in near future . Wondering what will say fulled people 🙂

  19. Dragonis says:

    I’m with you, full tilt.

    I wrote my own little summary, using my own common sense, about the 9/11 conspiracy nutters on my weblog. You can view it here:

    But to stay more on topic, that 80%+ figure doesn’t take into account EVERYONE. It takes into account CNN viewers, and people who were begged to vote on the pro-conspiracy theory sites. But I bet if FOX News held the same pole, it’d be quite a different result. I’m sure, however, that others here will just say “yeah, but FN is right-wingy!” Maybe, but you can’t possible deny that CNN isn’t “left-wingy.”

    JKF, Princess Dianna, the Illuminati…conspiracy theorists always look for the next conspiracy. They always believe there’s something there that we’re all “to blind to see.” Well, I say no…moron. I’m not too blind to see, you’re just too stupid to believe what we common sense people already know: terrorists attacked us. And no, the terrorists weren’t Bush and Cheney. It amazes me how stupid the left thinks Bush/Cheney are, yet they swear that they were smart enough to pull of the coup of the century.

    Grow a brain, people. Listen to the OP. Take off the tin hats and come out of the caves.

  20. vex says:

    i use to belive it was real but not after all the proof i found just online, 9-11 = cover up

  21. Chris says:

    I used to believe that 9/11 was real as well, and I never thought I’d believe in any “conspiracy theories.” But given the massive amount of evidence that proves that 9/11 was a coverup, I’ve joined the conspiracy theorists. There’s just too much evidence that does *NOT* add up…too many flaws in the “official” version of the story. So, I’m wearing the tin hat now… 🙂

    BTW, Wayne Cowan’s link (previous commentor) is highly recommended. Go watch the Google video. You’ll be surprised.

  22. klaus says:

    How about Bird Flu? Do you know the real reason behind it? You’ll be surprised.
    Some names: Donald Rumsfel, ROCHE, Gilead Sciences Inc.

  23. Yo-Yo says:

    Stop trying to convince people 9/11 was a cover up… if they don’t know by now they are clueless people who haven’t taken the time to do independent research. They are the people who would have been standing out in the desert when the US Government was dropping atom bombs on them… they are the same people who would have believed in the event of an A-Bomb attack.. to hide under a desk 😀

  24. conspiracy? says:

    why was the wrackaged shiiped to china? when a small plan crashes every single piece is collected and stored.. think of the space shuttle..

    9/11 first time ever 3 buildings colapsed because of fire!
    first time ever a crime scene was officialy destroyed so no real investigation could take place!

    think of that..

    you’re not a seo if you can’t figgure out who really destroyed those buildings.. sorry this blog and it’s authors lost it’s credibility for me.

    stfu and start thinking!

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