The Value of Myspace

Forbes has an intersting article on how NewsCorp may be undervalued considering it’s recent acquisition of myspace.

With a market cap of 53 billion and 23.86 Billion in revenues last year, NewsCorp might be an interesting play for capatalizing on the explosive growth of myspace. I always thought that $600 million or whatever they paid for myspace was a real bargain. I remember back in 1999 when was bought for more than that (what a joke!). Sure it’s not 1999 again, but check out the graph for myspace’s traffic growth for the last 2 years:

Myspace Growth Graph

It’s pretty sick.

Has anyone here had any serious success tapping into and monotizing the myspace market? With something like a single girl site, using adult friend finder, or getting tons of myspace friends and driving them to your sites? I actually get search traffic for “myspace friends”, are any of the commercially available bots to add friends worth using?

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16 Responses to “The Value of Myspace”

  1. graywolf says:

    I’m actually meeting with someone this week and I’m going to bring up myspace. They run a site about internet child safety, and I’m going to suggest they try and play into and take advantage of parental fear about the whole issue.

  2. FreeAgent says:

    Our sites gets many new members from fake MySpace profiles we create. MySpace is a great free marketing tool. 😉

  3. Amnesic says:

    Someone tryed to sell me a myspace message spam software a few months ago, he was asking for 50$. I should have said yes as I can’t find that guy any more… Bad move on my part. He was mostly using it for dating sites. His conversion was pretty good as he told me.

    Having a lot of friend on myspace won’t give you much traffic now, they added this top 8 thing so people can actualy choose what friend they show first. You would have to try with a few millions friend and you could be spoted pretty fast. Become a emo boy, send pictures of you crying and you may not need a bot.

    Still worth a try, give us news if you do it.

  4. Amnesic says:

    Btw you forgot the first h in http:


  5. QuadsZilla says:

    fixed it. thanks!

  6. Murdoch is really getting paid. News / Media appears to be gaining in value exponentially, on the daily.

  7. Rafa says:

    I`ve been thinking about using Myspace for marketing the solo girl sites I promote or dating programs but I the thought that maybe this market isn`t that good since it`s mostly comprised of teenagers with no credit cards.Am I wrong?

  8. Gotan_Raider says: was sold last month for USD 450M (2 million visitors per month) Biggest NZ site. Auctions.

    Just something to compare…. lower member base but stronger revenues I believe without doing too much analysis.

  9. Forget teenages without credit cards. A huge chunk of Myspace’s users are young adults who do spend money. That would be like saying because Google has international traffic its not a good market. What I am curious about is when programs like AFF are going to reach saturation. The site has been around practically a decade and I’m just now seeing their geo targetted ads plastering just about every site that can’t get into adsense.

  10. Irishwonder says:

    Hey that is my line! LOL

  11. CountZero says:

    I bet premium SMS billing could work for MySpace users…

  12. Richard the third says:

    Our school has blocked myspace from the computers!
    That should be illegal!

    Contact Otumoetai college and tell them to unblock it!!!

  13. FreeAgent says:

    Amnesic, I made a MySpace mailer about 6 months ago in VB. I bet still works, but it might need a few lite mods here and there.

    I will post the prog along with all the source code files on my server tonight when I get home. The download URL will be…

    It should be up by 10:30pm EST.

  14. ESLSOCIETY says:

    I’m running a little experiment about this that you can check out at

  15. FreeAgent says:

    Ok, the link in my last comment is working now. Sorry it took so damn long. I’m a slacker…

  16. hanuman says:

    hmm i tried your tool but it seems not to work corectly, after i am loged with a myspage account i tried to run it but it shows an error and crash!