Tyra Banks on My Face . . . err . . . I mean Myspace

She must read my blog or something, because now Tyra Banks has her own myspace account that she is promoting through the Tyra Banks show. I swear, every 20th profile on myspace is another fake Paris Hilton profile: Banks is kinda late to the game.

But seriously, leveraging myspace is a great idea for Celebs. What better way to connect with such a large base of fans?

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2 Responses to “Tyra Banks on My Face . . . err . . . I mean Myspace”

  1. tpiddy says:

    for some reason myspace is making people forget that there are these things called WEBSITES you can get you own domain and do everything myspace does and more.

    you have to go where the market is but please lets not forget that myspace is essentially a webpage for dummies.

  2. Amnesic says:

    Talking about myspace.com, did you know technorati.com started indexing myspace blog?

    We need a rsstomyspace…