.eu Top Level Domains Available on Friday

An update from eurodns:

We would like to remind you that the .eu land rush starts on Friday the 7th April at 11 o’clock central European time.

All Domain experts expect that the .eu Domain will become one of the most popular Top Level Domain and could even compete with .com. With over 300,000 registrations under the ‘Sunrise’ registration program for trademark holders, EURid is expecting several million registrations to be made on April 7th, underlining .eu as one of the leading TLDs in use in the world. Successful registrations cost EUR 18.00 per year.

Please make sure that you preregistered your name and all other domains that you want under .eu. You can do so on www.eurodns.com.

In the first few days of registration you can almost always pick up some great domain names.

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3 Responses to “.eu Top Level Domains Available on Friday”

  1. travs says:

    ohhh…so that explains why I keep reading those .eu phenomenon

  2. mrrbob says:

    You can pick them up if you are a euro resident or registered euro company that is. boooho for the rest of us.