Myspace Spam

It’s embarrassing posting again about myspace; but this is pretty interesting. I recieved this myspace spam message and it looks like darn good execution.

At first glance it looks like a normal enough message. However, it was sent by a new account with no friends. This way, if the message sender gets banned, the recipient of the friend request is still in tact. The sender is requesting that you be someone elses myspace friend.

They get around the myspace spam filter by not sending the same message to everyone; they use white on white text. You can see it if you highlight the text in the message. It seems they randomly vary the white on white text.

Profit? Probably from a fake Adult Friend Finder Profile or some other dating profile that encourages a join.

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3 Responses to “Myspace Spam”

  1. Irishwonder says:

    Actually, if it is indeed about Adult Friend Finder or something, there is one step too much. Why not just provide a link directly to the signup page of AFF? How many will pay attention before clicking? 😉 On a serious note though, I can understand they’re trying to keep it looking like something that belongs to MySpace.

  2. Joe Banner says:

    That bitch! She sent me the same email.

  3. Web9pointOGuru says:

    Every time you receive an e-mail like this, you should always make sure to write a nice response to the sender. Who knows, maybe the sender will read the message and be touched for life :-). The best response I have seen hands down is on the following page: