Important Information For Cloakers

Shoemoney is reporting that :

Matt Cutts confirmed the recent rumors about media bot results getting into Big Daddy. Matt said it is a bandwidth saving feature to have GoogleBot and MediaBot both contributing to big daddy. Matt also stated that you will gain zero advantage in search listings however if you are serving different content to MediaBot then to Googlebot then you could be in trouble.

So if you are cloaking, make sure you are sending the same info to both the mediabot and the Googlebot. Any of you have IPs for mediabot?

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4 Responses to “Important Information For Cloakers”

  1. lalaforce says:


  2. B. Brookens says:

    Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! I wonder if they ban you all together, certainly a warning e-mail sounds out of the question.

  3. RSnake says: has some more information on IP cloaking that is a little scary.