Google is Spamtacular for Trusted Domains – Like Expedia!

Google’s latest algo change puts MUCH more weight on the trust value of the root domain than in the past. The problem they will now have to face is huge, main stream websites getting into the Black Hat SEO business. In fact less than 60 days after their latest update, it’s already starting to happen en masse.

In the past, when a search engine spammer spammed his way to the top of the SERPS, Google would ban the domain with a hand remove. But as we have already seen with BMW, WordPress, and Colgate, they don’t have the balls to enforce a ban on any kind of big site for any serious amount of time. Google’s blatant and obvious double standard over time is about to bite them in the ass – big time.

Probably one of the most profitable searches on the Net is “buy Viagra.” Guess what the top result was for “buy Viagra” on Sunday morning. wrong. CVS or some huge pharmacy? Wrong. Try spam pages at Number 1 and Number 2. Here’s a screenshot: (click to enlarge)
Expedia Spamming Pharmas
And it’s not just Viagra. OWNS the SERPs for pharma including: “buy phentermine”, “Buy Cialis” and tons more. And if you look at the other listing in those pharma SERPs, it’s the same story: Spam, spam and more spam on “legitimate” domains: cloaking, redirects – the whole 9 yards.

You know what? Hats off to Expedia. They’re going to rake in more than $200k per day with all their spamming, and Google isn’t going to do jack shit to their root domain. I Guarantee it. Why would you not spam Google if you are a major site? It’s a simple case of risk vs. reward. There is No risk (or a risk of a whopping 2 day ban) and hundreds of thousands of dollars PER DAY in profits as a reward.

This is just the beginning of an Avalanche of search engine spam by major sites that’s about to come crashing down

With their big daddy update, Google might have to rethink their double standard of one set of rules for the big guys and another for people like you and me . . . Nah! It’ll never happen. They’ll just have to change the algorithm again. But in the meantime, major websites can finally cash in like never before with Black Hat Search Engine Optimization.

When it comes to big sites, this is what Google means by “Don’t be Evil”:
See No Evil at Google
This is such a goldmine that I invite major trusted (top 1000) sites to contact me today for black hat SEO consulting. There is a PILE of cash sitting on the table just waiting to be picked up. How does a quarter million dollars sound to you?

If you work in IT and can create subdomains on a site that Google Really “Trusts” – a top 1000 sites, e-mail me today – I’ll take care of the rest. I’m sure we can work out something that will make us both a grip of money.
Quadszilla [at]

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37 Responses to “Google is Spamtacular for Trusted Domains – Like Expedia!”

  1. […] SEO Black Hat blog reports that Expedia is spamming Google’s search results for terms including Viagra. […]

  2. pmac says:

    Its not expedia spamming, its someone that signed up for a free blog service. Congratulations on outing ANOTHER spammer. You should be proud of yourself.

  3. QuadsZilla says:

    If someone is giving an internationally televised speach at a gay pride parade while holding hands with their “life-partner”, and I comment on it – I’m not “outing” anyone.

    Spamming to #1 for every key pharma term at a website owned by one of the largest companys on the Net, it is going to get noticed by everyone who cares – very quickly.

    If you go to – there is no place to sign up for a free blog. It’s just a placeholder. As far as I can tell, there is no free blog servies at expedia nor any non spam blogs with inurl – this looks much more like an inside job.

    I understand your concern, but if I’m not going to write about something like this – then why even run seoblackhat? Everything I write is giving away the game in some way, shape, or form.

  4. dabomb says:

    true say, good post.

  5. gwen says:


    ok you’re right about this stuff !
    I made some test
    just clic on the first link several time
    after 3/4 seconds ther’s a kind of random redirection
    this is crazy, never the same… how they do that ?


    heard about you from the french team darkSEO 😉

  6. redarmy says:

    Hey Quad,
    Actually has nothing to do with spamming. It is possible to create blog on their site, if you know a little french. Getting to #1 for “buy viagra” is pretty straightforward process. With 4000+ backlinks you can rank for ANY keyword.

  7. pmac says:

    >>>>then why even run seoblackhat? Everything I write is giving away the game in some way, shape, or form.

    I have no idea why you do it……..used to be that there used to be some honor in this business. It would be UNHEARD of to point to specific results that could bring undo attention to INDIVIDUAL webmasters. That sense of honor seems to have gone out the window with the advent of bloggers that get some sort of perverse sense of celebrity by narcing on their “peers.” ( I use the term peers very loosely)

  8. rollinj says:

    Hello there QuadsZilla, how do a couple of very old PR6 account sound? Would that work?

    I have 2 x PageRank 6 accounts in my possession, many tens of PR5 myspace accounts (also very old/trusted), and probably hundreds of PR4 accounts… get the idea?

    My only problem, is that I know not how to write my own link spamming software and I do not have the money to buy any of the recommended ones out there.

    I’m a typical student, multiple thousands of dollars in debt, and have all the time in the world to help you help us both make some money with these myspace accounts if you’re willing?

    I’d be more than happy to give you full access (and ownership, you can have the password and change it, the emails are just randomized and possibly even still available through Gmail since they’re so obscure..) to one of my PR6 accounts (I’ve only got two) or more of the PR5s, or more of the PR4s etc, after setting a page up with a re-direct that possibly goes to your affiliate site 9 times out of 10 and mine only once.

    If not could you please just post this on your site in hopes that another blackhatter might have the time/willingness to work with me?

    P.S. GREAT SITE (I’ve read every page, lol)

  9. chris86 says:

    Great article, Quadzilla. Don’t listen to pmac. You’re not “outing” anyone. If you’re #1 for Viagra, you’re going to get attention! End of story.

  10. QuadsZilla says:

    Well pmac definitely has a point that shouldn’t be ignored – this isn’t a site for outing search engine spammers. And if I could read French, as redarmy points out, or looked hard enough, I would have seen that you can sign up for a free blog account at and would not have printed this article. If there wasn’t someone on the inside at expedia giving access to a subdomain (as it now appears there wasn’t), then there is no story here worth printing.

    To redarmy’s other point, I doubt if even 40,000 backlinks on a new domain (with out some really good 301s thrown in) could rank for #1 in Google for Viagra. The root domain now passes an incredible amount of trust to other pages on that domain – even to pages on that domain with no links from the trusted pages. This is a paradigm shift that is worth understanding.

    Moreover, there seems to have been a drop in importance of links from authority sites in a category. So if slashdot, for example, set up some poker pages – I think they would have a good shot of ranking for poker even without any links from poker sites.

  11. redarmy says:

    Quad, check out google results for #2 most profitable keyword online: “buy phentermine”. You will see plenty of new domains without any root authority. But I agree it is easier to rank with root power, than without.

  12. […] SEO Black Hat has caught travel site Expedia (or at least the French version) spamming search engines, scoring the top ranking for “buy viagra”, “buy phentermine” and “buy cialis”, among many other top keywords. He says that Google is too afraid to ban such a prominent site, but I suspect we’ll see the pages dissapear, or the domain banned, by mid-week. Posted: May 7, 2006 by Nathan Weinberg in: […]

  13. […] Jeg har ogsÃ¥ oplevet en anden meget klar tendens efter Big Daddy: Værdien af gamle veletablerede domæner pÃ¥ deres subdomæner er enorm! Jeg kan ikke huske at der nogensinde tidligere har været SÃ… meget værdi i subdomains under kendte 2nd level domæner. Dette grovudnytter bl.a. eBay i Frankrig for tiden, som du f.eks. kan se af et godt eksempel pÃ¥ SEO Black Hat. […]

  14. dabomb says:

    Actually now that i tihnk about it, this just helps n00bs and makes it harder and harder for people, i guess hinting these kinds of things would be better, totally outing wouldnt i guess this post could be different becuase of the term.

  15. Expedition ins Land der Spammer

    Mit Expedia kann man zur Zeit sehr gut ins Land der Spammer reisen. Black Hat SEO zeigt, wie anfällig Google zur Zeit gegenüber Spam auf vertrauenswürdigen Domains wie Expedia ist. Die Geschichte zeigt wie schnell eine an und für sich gute Sache,…

  16. […] Mit Expedia kann man zur Zeit sehr gut ins Land der Spammer reisen. Black Hat SEO zeigt, wie anfällig Google zur Zeit gegenüber Spam auf vertrauenswürdigen Domains wie Expedia ist. Die Geschichte zeigt wie schnell eine an und für sich gute Sache, nämlich ein freier Blogservice, zu einer Spam-Waffe umfunktioniert werden kann. […]

  17. devilfish says:

    I dont think it makes it harder and harder for people – nothing lasts forever so thats why its a full time job to stay on top of the game

  18. […] Black Hat Seo ne parla e se ne comincia a parlare un po’ ovunque nella blogosfera degli addetti ai lavori. […]

  19. klaus says:

    Wow. *ALL* Blogs have been suspended on Expedia! All blog urls now redirect to This is going to get news…

    Note: (Yahoo mail considers the registration email from here as spam)

  20. devilfish says:

    very quick well I wonder will our friends at Goog penalise the 50,000 TB’s/Comment spams I dropped that now redirect to

    Go Matt go 🙂

  21. roresteen says:

    Thanks Quad for a great post – and for some spirited replies! As to the guy who feels the “honor” issue – imo – that sounds a bit elitest. At some point, everyone started out dumb – then through portals like this one, have grown smarter. Information wants to be free.

  22. pmac says:

    >>>>Wow. *ALL* Blogs have been suspended on Expedia!

    WOW,what a SHOCKING development. Even more shocking is that Google seems to have torched the ones that were ranking. Google’s algorithm must be incredibly sophisticated to be able to so quickly identify such an obvious attempt at trying to manipulate their engine. Very Very impressive.

  23. charroblackhat says:

    Yep, I check the blogs a few minutes ago and they’re out…

    http:// buyviagra. blog.

    points to

    hmmm… hope they at least earn a few thousands dollars !!

  24. klaus says:

    >>>Google’s algorithm must be incredibly sophisticated to be able to so quickly identify such an obvious attempt at trying to manipulate their engine.

    You’re joking right? lol!

    Quadszilla, you have just proven that Google’s algorithm is being definitely hand tweaked! Thanks and thanks again for this post! You have made history!

  25. devilfish says:

    The only french i know is “baguette” and croissant but now my inbox has this msg


    Suite à un problème technique sur, les blogs de la plateforme sont momentanément inaccessibles.

    Nos techniciens oeuvrent pour régler ce souci dans les meilleurs délais.

    Tout devrait rentrer dans l’ordre très vite.

    Nous vous tenons informés et vous remercions de votre compréhension.

    Nous vous tenons informés et vous remercions de votre compréhension.

    So my rough translation is “expedia fr’s can hold a hard on for over 1hr so we dont need viagra”

    Overall I think this was a good marketing idea

    – People love blogs
    – Instead of providing adsense (etc…) expedia has sponsord the company (bon voage) to host blogs for travel/any sites on the condition that all ads are expedia

    Good thinking – space is cheap and a travel comunity (free hosted for “ilovetotravel” etc…will get lots of traffic – although the french being the french no ads were geo targeted)

    Its a good marketing ploy and a great idea from expedia in my opinion, but was abused
    – I love the fact that “buy viagra” was top 5 but now I bored with that and the answer I am most interested is how long (no pun intended) did this last in G (anyone?)

    great article – well spotted Quad!! as roresteen said good to have so many people involved

  26. pmac says:

    >>>>how long (no pun intended) did this last in G (anyone?)

    It lasted until Mr. “blackhat” started blogging about it.

  27. Gotan Raider says:

    Weird. I had a spam expedia blog and didn’t receive that email…. Maybe because mine was obviously spam they just deleted me and didn’t bother to let me know.

    Now this is too weird. Let’s say there’s a naked man running in the street (an expedia blog ranking number 1 for buy viagra) and then let’s say someone walking by the street points the finger at the guy and says “hey, have you seen that guy running naked in the street?” (Quadzilla posting about an expedia blog ranking number 1 for buy viagra)

    Now…do you think the naked man attracted the attention to himself or do you think that everyone realized about it because someone pointed the finger and made a comment about it?

    If it’s the latter (and it could very well be, since I’m sure this blog is in Mr Cutts personal rss reader because being 2.0 is soooo cool) then it is really pathetic.

    Rather than monitoring what is one of the most spammed keywords of the internet, the powers that be rely on Quadzilla to give away spammers by outing techniques. Pretty pathetic on G and on Expedia.

    You can blame this guy, but I remember few weeks ago Greg boser and Oilman mentioning Expedia spam in SEO Rockstars (thats when I ran to make a few, and they been working great till now)

    Sacre bleu!

  28. hermenshermen says:

    actually … i think there was an update to handle the problem in general. i have 4 or 5 msn spaces blogs that were all top 3 material for my phrases by simply tossing up bullshit, then slamming it with co-op wieght. for 2 months i enjoyed the rankings, this past week i notice a complete pull of all the msn sites … and some cash advance & loan pages hosted by foriegn news sites.

  29. hermenshermen says:

    of course … they could have hand plucked the msn spaces thing too … i was starting to see them everywhere

  30. […] While link “trustability” acts as a fairly good indicator of site quality overall, it is still flawed as shown in the case of Expedia subdomains. […]

  31. mad4 says:

    The blogs are now back online at a new location.

    The root domain is PR6 with over 4,000 google backlinks.

  32. […] Following my post about expedia spamming Google, expedia has suspended all blogging accounts on the domain and 301 redirected all the old blogs to the new domain they have for blogging: […]

  33. […] por Tomy Lorsch el 22 de Mayo de 2006 0:03 · Noticias de: Opinión El pasado 5 de mayo, SEO Black Hat descubría que la web de Expedia Francia contenida miles de blogs en forma de subdominios haciendo spam para miles de palabras clave absolutamente no relacionadas con viajes, sino para keywords como “viagra”. […]

  34. ~MaCtRoN~ says:

    this procedure for spamming is old. i have 5000 free bloghoster and 1000 free forums with adul content.,,,,, and any more

  35. […] Right now your results pages for several “long tail” keywords are in disarray, spammers have permeated the top ten results, sometimes they outright overrun them. […]