Funny – A Comment Spam IP

I’m sure many of you have noticed that I now require accounts for comments. That’s because I was deleting more than 200 comment spams per day – Now, it’s down to around 10. I’m not sure how they are posting without a wordpress account on this blog, but I digress.

For the IP of one of the comment spams I got today, it said:

Author : buy tramadol (IP: ,

[site and comment ommited]

The target site has no redirects (they are monitizing directly). If one were pissed off enough to DoS them, wouldn’t they at least take the time to look at the where the spam was pointing and attack that server instead?

Both comments and pings are currently closed.

4 Responses to “Funny – A Comment Spam IP”

  1. rollinj says:

    If you could figure out how they’re posting without a wordpress account… you’d have an amazing edge on even the best link spammer would you not?

    Possibly a purposeful inside coder exploit? They do have hundreds of people writing wordpress do they not?

    I’d bet the farm that the right programmer could hide anything in a piece of code and get it past even the original programmers during the final beta testing, just look at how many “eggs” get found in professional software nowadays that big corporations spend millions of dollars to create and test.

  2. dabomb says:

    idiots. lol.

  3. rollinj says:

    I found this while looking for my own comment spam protection system on the wordpress site, it might be why these guys are able to keep spamming you?

    I have disabled comments, but comments continue to be posted
    If you have unchecked Allow people to post comments on the article on the Options > Discussion panel, then you have only disabled comments on future posts. To completely disable comments, you will have to edit each past post and uncheck Allow Comments from the Write Post SubPanel. Alternatively, you could delete the wp-comments-post.php file, or run this MySQL query, from the command line on a shell account, or using phpMyAdmin: UPDATE wp_posts SET comment_status=”closed”;

  4. exosus says:

    They spammed your site using a program called Tor. Tor basically allows you to chain proxies together for anonymous web surfing. They used this program to comment spam your site and had no control over what IP they were using they just knew it was anonymous. The person that setup the Tor server is allowing 1000s of people to use it for anonymous browsing so they have no control over what people use the server for whether they just want to use it anonymous browsing or comment spamming. The server IP you are seeing is simply the owner of the Tor server saying don’t attack me I had no control over what this person did through my Tor server. It wasn’t the actual spammer putting that so you wouldn’t DoS him :P.. Just clarifying this up.