Click Fraud MLM Recruitment on Ebay

I’m sure this listing will be deleted before too long, (There’s one in the google Cache too) so I copied the text here.

The title was “Earn Money with your Alienware Laptop Easy PPC Look

This auction is for a excellent opportunity to earn some extra cash just by using your current internet connection. And your laptop or PC to make some great income potential. This is still a relatively unknown program, meaning there is still a lot of potential for you to get a lot of people signed up, before everyone joins when word gets out that it is paying. There is not a lot of information at the website, so I will explain to you EXACTLY how to do this program.

The program works similar to click on search engine and get paid kind of programs, except for 2 things.

1) You dont have to click on any links–it’s all run automatically in the background like an auto-surf.

2) It doesnt give you just one search engine that makes you money. Right now there are about 21 search engines that run within the program.

The main page of the site is not informative or too impressive, but it does make money and does not require any sponsoring, although you may invite others for faster profit.

So if you are ready from some great information all for less than a meal deal at a fast food restaurant then just buy this now do wait until later we at speedy geeks make it happen now now not later later.

Plus you can click on the banner below and find information on goods to sell on ebay.

Price is $1.99 US for standard email delivery.
Or $6.99 US for a CD shipped via USPS first class mail with delivery confirmation.
Thanks for your time have a nice day.

So, it’s basically a Multi Level Marketing structure for automated click fraud.

I’m NOT posting this to get anyone to buy the program; like I’ve said before click fraud is fraud. Aside from moral considerations, I wouldn’t run a program like this because it is likely to lead to criminal and civil charges being brought against you.

However, with programs like this constantly popping up, Pay Per Click’s days certainly seem numbered.

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2 Responses to “Click Fraud MLM Recruitment on Ebay”

  1. To be honest, as long as it pays, I think they will just get more innovative. Many people dont know the laws governing ppc – the common man just sees “make money online”. I don’t see any open advertisements saying this is ppc fraud or anything to do with pay per click. Infact you could be absolutely wrong entirely – as I think you might. This looks more like one of those autosurfing programs like the one featured here:

  2. jackshankenburg says:

    This whole clickfraud thing has lit a fire under my ass.

    I want to develop a desktop application that would:

    1. Run on autosurf in the background to several sites with my adsense type ads (12
    different pages/adtypes)
    2. Click the ads maybe once every 3 days and continue to surf through the resulting pages
    3. Be completely random and emulate an actual user and browser.

    I would:

    1. Make my pages some sort of a blog. (Making the returning traffic/clicks ok)
    2. Keep my CTR a mild 1-3%

    The result of 50 people running my software would equal (50 people*10 clicks a month*12 websites) = 6,000 clicks a month

    I suppose you could make a small chunk of change off 6,000 clicks a month. I don’t think eBay is a bad marketing tool for the software. Just tell them they will get paid $25 at the end of the month for installing it.