X-Men and Myspace

Here is an excellent article from Search Engine Lowdown on Myspace marketing of Xmen:

The things that blew me away as examples of NewsCorp taking full advantage of the medium are the X-Men MySpace skins, the ability to include the movie trailer on your own page, added functionality on your own page to have up to 16 “Top friends” instead of the standard 8 by adding X-men as a friend and finally the inclusion of an in-profile forum where people are discussing who could play Gambit and what the coolest superpowers would be.
The bottom line is that that the people at Fox in charge of this effort knew their market, knew where to find it and have created incentives for market participation in branded discussions on the market’s terms.

Those myspace themes are an incredible idea. Yesterday, I did an overture search to see how many people searched for ¨cute.¨ The Top Results:

69994 cute myspace layout
59369 cute
54647 cute girl
38300 cute quote

I haven´t really cracked Myspace Marketing yet and, in fact, maybe NewsCorp has a stranglehold on it. But anyone who figures it out is going to have a money printing press.

Also, please forward every random friends request to me from anyone who is a marketer- I´m making a collection.

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2 Responses to “X-Men and Myspace”

  1. PUA Forum says:

    I mentioned the other week I would try to use MySpace to get some exposure for my new forum: http://www.pick-up-artist-forum.com/

    Well, I’ve had some success. I knocked up a few, nicely designed pages and began targeting other MySpace users via one of the many commercially available MS bots. And, I’m definitely getting a trickle of traffic – I can’t complain because it FREE traffic and targeted too!

    This was my first experiment with MS and I’ve realised to be more successful I’ve gotta create numerous sites on MySpace – each attracting a small amount of targeted traffic. Additionally, with this approach you can stay under the radar by not going overboard with the MS bot.

  2. Self Evident says:

    Want to feed their myspace a monkey wrench? Create a GreaseMonkey userscript to BATCH invite people on the current page be it a profile or a group.