Alexa Data is Still the Most Reliable

Matt Cutts of Google on Alexa data:

there is some serious webmaster skew in the Alexa data. There is no way that I have 1/4th the daily reach of Ask. I think my site gets a little boost because tons of SEOs install the Alexa toolbar.

Yea, I can’t think of a less reliable search metric than Alexa data. Oh wait! Yes I can . . . How about page rank? Who do you think has more traffic? The page rank 8 with a 100,000 alexa rank or the page rank 4 with the 3000 alexa rank? I bet there are almost no sites with an alexa rank from 1-5000 that have less traffic than someone over 100,000. The same cannot be said comparing page rank 9s with page rank 3s.

If you are reaching webmasters, you are reaching the important people on the web – Malcom Gladwells ” Connectors”. I use the Alexa Toolbar – it’s the most reliable data any search engine will give us. Until MSN, Yahoo or Google want to provide some better metrics for us, Alexa will continue to be used by people in the know. How many of you would instantly download the MSN toolbar if they gave us their best guess on reach? I know I would. Hey MSN Live Search and Yahoo – are you listening?

Maybe Alexa is only a reflection of how many webmasters a site reaches . . . but isn’t that just one step removed from how many people you can reach?

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3 Responses to “Alexa Data is Still the Most Reliable”

  1. dabomb says:

    alexa rules, example: google’s trends = no Measurements = how fukn useless is that shit

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  3. SearchComm says:

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