Most Profitable Adsense Keywords

Here is an article that contrasts the most expensive adsense words with the most profitable.

The most expensive keyword:

Selling Structured Settlements at $64.81 per click.

The most profitable:

insurance – CPC $17.41 and over $868,645 spent per day.

The conculsion: Go after words that have a high total spend, not the highest per click spend.

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4 Responses to “Most Profitable Adsense Keywords”

  1. Andrew Johnson says:

    Even keywords that pay pennies can bring in good money if you have the volume.

  2. anty says:

    that’s a nice service which the sites provide 😉

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  4. rollinj says:

    I did just that a few weeks ago, I was oggling at the $1,000,0000+ spend on insurance keywords… but noticed that my “insurance” site was getting a maximum of $0.60 per click… even though it cost an advertiser $15 to advertise…

    Is there some kind of payment restriction on new adsense accounts? Their payment system doesn’t seem very fair at all to me, I’m Canadian myself however most of the clicks were coming from America so the user population wasn’t the problem. Any ideas?