Digg – Still Rigged?

According to enfact, 60% of Digg’s front page is from the top 0.03% users.

The numbers for the ten stories on the front page from the top 60 or better users were:

Users ranked: 6,6,9,9,9,15,19,27,28,60

Thats the top 0.03% of users with 66% off front page posts.

Thats one third of posts on the front page from top 10 (way less than the top 1%) users.

Democracy in action.

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2 Responses to “Digg – Still Rigged?”

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  2. Vietman says:

    Digg is gaming digg…it’s run by the same cabal that runs Google, the mainstream media, and our government. They’ve been in power for years, manipulating our minds with psychological warfare.

    But the game is ending…Digg, your time of gaming is over.