SEO Poker Tournament

We have found a replacement Sponsor for the SEO Poker Tournament. We looked at several great sites and decided to work with Pacific Poker / 888 online casino.

We were close to going with Bodog, which is also a great site (and they have a sportsbook!), but unfortunately they cannot accept the Canadian players we already have signed up.

They do have a clause about not signing up yourself or your family members, so don’t bother if you’re only thinking about an extra bonus for yourself

Now, on to the SEO poker Tournament. We don’t have much time before the 17th and I don’t want to move this first Tournament again.

Here’s The Info on the SEO Poker Tournament:

When: Saturday June 17th at 12:15 Eastern (9:15 AM Pacific, 4:15 PM UTC/GMT, 5:15 pm BST)

Buy-in: $100 +$10 entrance fee

Who can play? Anyone with a website, $110, and a Poker Account.

Tournament Structure: No limit Texas Holdem. Each Player starts with 3000 chps. The blinds go up every 15 minutes.

As you may know, it can take some time to verify bank accounts through the funding services like firepay, so please: open the pacific poker account today and get at least $110 in there for the tournament.

Your first deposit will receive a 25% bonus – All entrants will receive a link on the Tournament participants list.

We need to verify all the accounts by next Tuesday (June 13), which gives us basically no time. We need at least 20 people verified by then. We had 23 before, so I´m hoping this will not be a problem.

Update: I have started a site with Poker News, Sports Handicapping and special casino offers called Sly Bets.

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9 Responses to “SEO Poker Tournament”

  1. […] SEO Black Hat is now having the SEO Poker Game on Saturday June 17th at 12:15 Eastern (9:15 AM Pacific, 4:15 PM UTC/GMT, 5:15 pm BST). […]

  2. rollinj says:

    Do you think Google has a bit of a bias against gambling topics in general?

    By comparing to on Alexa – it’s clear you both received huge jumps after BIG DADDY however just after your poker post… his pageviews seemed to surpass yours dramatically

    Is this any truth to this? Am I reading the stats wrong? Get back to me via email if you have a minute..

  3. QuadsZilla says:

    nah, shoemoney had a big spike because he called out plenty of fish. I had a big one because of the expedia spam story.

    The Google refferrals have been steadily rising since day one. I´ve never seen a retraction of any search refferrals on this site.

  4. abhilash says:

    Ok, I’ve now got 2 additional online poker accounts that i didn’t have before, and now each of them have some money. i hope you’re making at least a little coin off of these affiliate signups, because i’m going to need a fund to cover the impending gambling problem…

  5. dbirider says:

    I made a deposit into my Pacific poker account for the tournament, but I can’t find it anywhere. It doesn’t seem to be in the tournament lobby. Is it created yet, or am I just missing it? I also sent you an email yesterday.

  6. […] In spite of having fewer people than originally singed up, we will be proceeding with the SEO No limit Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament on Saturday at Noon EST, 9:00 Pacific US. […]

  7. […] Well, the SEO Poker tourney finally went off.  It was early, and too early for many (being on a Saturday morning), but it was fun.  If I realized one thing, it was that black hat seo’s are better at gambling. Kloakit must’ve had something running under the table felt, because he quickly grabbed a lead that let him push others around. My strategy of playing looser than a Craigslist service provider hurt me early, even though I was able to regain ground quickly at the expense of ChknHole (Sweet-smelling Discount Perfume extraordinaire). Although I got to throw some sweet insults at Jim, he definitely got back at me by taking $1500 from me in one stupid hand. Alas, I failed to measure up to my words and lost to the one guy whose money I really wanted.  Ouch.  Sweet vindication for him though, that’s for sure. […]

  8. […] Also, earlier this month, sponsored an online poker tournament for a site known as SEO Black Hat, which openly advocates scraping, splogging and other "unethical marketing activities" and the site went on to give a glowing review of the affiliate program, encouraging other black hat SEOs to sign up for the service. […]

  9. […] Affiliate blog post While this post is from 2006 I only found it earlier this year. It struck me as a quite a good idea, use your business/personal blog as a way to organise an online poker event and include affiliate links to your poker site of choice. This helps network with your visitors and other blog friends while earning you a bit of cash too. Seems like a no-brainer! […]