Moveable Type Backlink Exploit

Do you want free backlinks? Does the Pope shit in the woods?

Boogybonbon has found a way to exploit the preview comment form to create backlinks from Movable type blogs.

From the post, MovableType preview button good for back links:

As long as the blog is not a MovableType 3.2/3.x the blog will give a nice URL that you can publish into a ping list and get indexed for back links. This is because the MovableType 3.x uses JavaScript to convert tags into a preview comment field and as we all know search engines cant see that.

Needles to say it only took me about 15 minutes to find 6 blogs with PR 5-8 and process the forms over to GET then post the URL’s into a couple ping sites.

Here’s how it works:

The preview comment button on movable type blogs uses the POST method but search engines require the GET method to index a URL. So, what you need to do is:

1. Download the firefox extension webmaster tools to convert the POST forms to GET forms.

2. Find Movable type blogs.

3. Open The “preview Comment” in a new window.

4. Convert the POST Form to a GET Form like this:

How to Convert POST Forms to GET Forms

5. Fill out comment however you like.

6. Press preview comment.

7. Instead of producing a url like this:

it will produce a URL like this (images used for formating purposes):

Example of the moveable type Backlink Exploit

The links on the produced pages are NOT nofollow.

8. Now, you may want to use a service like tinyurl or a redirect to hide what you are doing (not required)

9. Ping that URL to the Search Engines in splog posts, guestbooks, or however you think best.

Pretty freaking cool, huh?

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17 Responses to “Moveable Type Backlink Exploit”

  1. scottj says:

    Dude, that is a really sweet hack!

  2. scottj says:

    Oh, and by the way, I have found a Movable Type 3.2 blog that this works on, so there may be others as well.

  3. reesh says:

    Great post! Thank you.

  4. sztojka says:

    google dork: “inurl:mt-comments”

    For ex has pr 5. You’ll find more sites with bigger pr if you’re clever.

  5. nnet says:

    Will it work on pre MT 3.0 versions as well?

  6. RisK says:

    haha, lucky me. I’ve disabled this feature a long time a go. that’s because MT has so many template files, and even the comment preview has it own template file. so to cut down design time, I choose to disable this feature.

    then again, it’s probably just me. thanks for tips btw…

  7. sztojka says:

    it’ll work anywhere if you can make a comment preview as anonymous

  8. IrishWonder says:

    next thing likely to happen now is MT fixing the bloody thing so you’ve just successfully killed this for everyone

  9. nnet says:

    can we ping using a service like Pingomatic or a we better off posting the link somewhere?

  10. scottj says:


    You’re right. SixApart will fix this one ASAP. The catch is that for the fix to really take effect, people have to upgrade their blog software first.

  11. Kropula says:

    Thanks for sharing the technique. I have a question: Using this are we able to pass any pagerank to our pages. Or is it just for a quick indexing of the site?

  12. QuadsZilla says:

    It will pass pagerank if the created page obtains page rank.

  13. Kropula says:

    thanx 🙂

  14. volatilegx says:

    This hack worked on blogger blogs, too.

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