Keeping Black Hat SEO Tricks Secret and Underground

Instead of getting any links for revealing how to abuse the Moveable type Backlink exploit, I received comments, ICQs and several private e-mails asking me not to give away our best tricks.

Here is my response:

First, in spite of its popularity, SEO Black Hat has about the lowest ROI of any web property I own. I do it to help out the aspiring webtrepreneur and to meet and stay in touch with some of the best in the business. I don’t bombard you with ads and snake oil.

I try to make SEO Black Hat the best SEO site on the net. Instead of rehashing some of the nonsense spouted on other sites, I strive to show you what really works and provide enjoyable, humorous commentary on SEO related topics.

Do I publish everything I learn? Of course not. Many people have shown me some amazing SEO tactics that I have not and will not reveal. That’s because when they messaged me, they said something to the effect of “I´ll show you something really cool if you promise not to publish it.”

Clearly there has to be a balance. On the one hand, if I don’t publish some of the best tricks out there then why would you continue to read this site? On the other hand, if I published everything that people sent me in confidence it would be difficult to stay informed about every cool exploit out there and my personal projects (that bring in the real money) would suffer.

I know it’s going to ruffle some feathers, but SEO Black Hat is going to continue to publish little known Search Engine Exploits and SEO Tricks. However, in the spirit of not alienating those of you who want to keep some of the best exploits underground, I will continue to honor reasonable requests to keep some of the best tactics out of the public realm.

If you want to keep something under raps or develop an exploit out of the public spotlight:

1. Show it to me before I’ve published it and

2. Tell me to keep it quiet.

Otherwise, don’t bother chastising me after I publish a trick you’ve been using successfully for some time. Especially if you never approached me with it before I published it.

One cannot un-ring a bell.

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15 Responses to “Keeping Black Hat SEO Tricks Secret and Underground”

  1. nnet says:

    no, no, more tricks please 🙂

  2. LaMystique says:

    I am actually very grateful you have said some of these. I came across your site recently after trying “white-hat” tactics and was not seeing results. I am working on getting one of my Sites in google and finally have MSN at rank 6. What I’ve learned here is to definately think outside of the box. And because I am starting to look outside, I may find something that others may not have. When I do, I will definately share it with you 😀

  3. notsleepy says:

    One cannot un-ring a bell.

    Make money by not ringing bells.

  4. rollinj says:

    I too have learnt a GREAT deal from and would just like to say:

    For every short cut “fuck you” written by your competitors like the Irish “Wonder” (who runs a very biased forum in my opinion… covered with crap SEO ads and kicks you out if you might make some money for youself without benefiting him…) – you receive 1,000,000+ heart felt thank-yous from people like me, NNET, and LaMystique above.

    *Points to Irish Wonder and says “Fuck you”
    *Points to NotSleepy and says “Fuck you”
    *Point to Random in the background and says “Fuck you”
    *Points to Quadszilla and says “You’re cool”
    …… “I’m out!”

  5. anty says:

    I don’t want to be offensive, but you barely publish any “secret info” on this blog, so I don’t see any reason why I should tell you any tricks I discovered 🙂
    It would just give up my personal advantage 🙂

  6. PUA Forum says:

    I knew you was going to get some stick for highlighting that (juicy) MT exploit. But, in all fairness, you merely drew attention to it rather than exposing it. Although, considering your audience, I suspect any SEO trick discussed on your blog spreads like wildfire!

  7. gerbill says:

    >Show it to me before I’ve published
    ha! Thats a good one 🙂

  8. IrishWonder says:

    I am not going to bother replying to wankers screaming obscenities at me without even realizing why I say what I say. My reply is meant for Quadszilla who I believe to be an intelligent person who is able to convey a meaningful conversation. One thing is keeping it interesting and all. Quite another thing is knowing where to stop and predicting what will happen if certain things become available to the wide public. You don’t go around giving kids guns do you? An exploit is only good for as long as it is effective. It is effective for as long as it stays below the radars. It will stay below the radars if those using it also use their brains and not just fire up some $149 script they bought from some site without thinking much about staying below the radar and their very activities making any sense. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) most people do not really like to use their brains (in some cases poor feckers might just have nothing to use). I am not saying this to make somebody feel inferior or something, I’m just stating the facts as they are. If anybody has a problem with it that’s their problem not mine. I am not going to go around doing charity of lending my brains to those who would not appreciate it anyway. People tend to think knowing of an exploit or having a tool is all they need. They don’t bother to think what and how should be done to obtain the desired results. Will my comment on your post about the MT exploit make people stop using it? – I doubt. Will making the exploit public kill it for everyone faster, one of the main reasons being people using the exploit without using their brains? – You bet. That’s just how it goes, like it or not.

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  10. swaye says:

    How about starting a Limited Number Private Members Club for those who want to learn the really juicy tricks… you know… the ones you won’t share here ????

    You Make $$$$, We Make $$$$ EveryBody Happy ;o) What Do You Think???

  11. scottj says:

    I have learned a good deal here, and yet I still have my own bag of tricks that I have never seen published anywhere. I like seeing this kind of tip on this site. It’s nice to see a good one let loose every once in a while. 🙂

  12. rxbbx says:

    I like your articles and ideas.. i think that someone who cant handle a gun only harms hisself. Keep on the good work.

  13. pmac says:

    ROFLMAO,,,,,,,,,, Let me get this straight…… in order for you to stop shouting techiques from the roof top to feed some sort of overblown ego, you want us to contact you in private to share said technique and ask that you not blog about it? omfg that is classic.

  14. QuadsZilla says:


    Good idea. no?

  15. Gotan Raider says:

    What am I missing here?

    It was this site who posted the exploit. Quadszilla just ellaborated on that existing post.