Spammer Buying Myspace Profiles

It looks like someone is looking to buy myspace profiles with more than 20k Friends. That sounds like a pretty good idea to me!

Body: If you have over 20,000 myspace friends in your account and would like to sell it, please contact me
I’m offering top dollar for these accounts. So, if you or someone you know wants to sell, then I’m looking to buy. 😉
email me at:

Someone email him and find out how much he is paying.

Hat tip to Cheap Perfume.

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3 Responses to “Spammer Buying Myspace Profiles”

  1. dsm56 says:

    And it works too 🙂

    The thing is, you can build up 20,000 friends in a few weeks, I dont think its worth that much money in terms of the hours put in.

    However, I have an account with 6,000 friends and ive made a lot of money from it, so in terms of earning potential, it is definately there.

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  3. seohno says:

    Wonder what they’d pay for a profile that also ran a product specific group with several thousand members. Seems like a nice captive audience is worth morth than a bunch of strangers…