Spammer Caught…

So this guy caught a comment spammer using his wi-fi and tracked him back to his house! Now he is taking suggestions on what to do with this new found knowledge. While this is certainly not the norm, it does place us spammers on the defensive. People will go far beyond just reporting you to Google these days.

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11 Responses to “Spammer Caught…”

  1. IrishWonder says:

    So this guy creates a linkbait and folks go and bait it! LOL

  2. QuadsZilla says:

    Well i’m on very limited internet acccess, so I’m a lot more lax than normal.

    I’m currently on the colombian – venezuela border. So if you submit crap like this, it’s much more likely to get approved during the next 2 weeks.

  3. Kispad says:

    Mit csináljunk a spammerrel?

    A jobbra látható fotón a srác a kocsiban éppen commentspam-ezreket helyez el különbözÅ‘ blogokban. Pechére a bénán konfigurált wifivel rendelkezÅ‘ fotós utánamegy, és most, hogy megvan hol lakik, felteszi a kézenfekvÅ‘ kérdést: hogyan…

  4. LaMystique says:

    Does this guy not have anything else to do but to trackback spammers?

  5. mrrbob says:

    So… who is the bigger fool? the spammer or a dumb ass who knows enough to know how to use a packet sniffer but is smart enough to leave his wifi open to this kind of thing. Waite for the guy to come back and walk down and offer him some doughnuts and coffee because your both idiots.

  6. genama says:

    The funny thing is that on that page they break AdSense TOS by placing images above AdSense . My suggestion is to report them to Google 😀 .

  7. rjonesx says:

    That would be awesome, if all blackhatters started turning people in for potential Adsense TOS violations. That would just be great for the community, you know, stabbing web marketers in the back for meaningless crap like images over ads. Better yet, why don’t we all start outting each other? That would be fun.


  8. rjonesx says:

    That was awesome mrrbob, leaving the exact same comment on both seoblackhat and thegooglecache. Good job buddy.

    While the author didn’t mention it, it is quite possible that he/she had his/her WEP cracked by the spammer which is very possible:

  9. mrrbob says:

    Thanks for noticing rjonesx. I don’t have much sympathy for story tellers who bend the facts around their own agenda. Did he not realize he would be open to ridicule for seemingly leaving his wifi open in the story? So a little flack goes his way for ether being a dumb ass or just not telling the whole story.

  10. Amnesic says:

    Rjonesx the link you should give is

    is yours?