$10k a week on Myspace

Boogybonbon has anther nice post on making money with myspace bulletin system.

The kid(exaro) claims that he made “$X,XXX.XX” within the first 24 hours of doing this.

After digging through all the post I have managed to get a good idea what he is doing.

In a nutshell he is posting html to the bulletin system, and when a user clicks the link it will send the user to his website while at the same time send a email from that user to all his friends, and when they click the link it will do the same until everyone has run out of friends to click links.

Although this no longer works, it is interesting to see how it was accomplished.

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One Response to “$10k a week on Myspace”

  1. Jak says:

    MySpace just recently stopped the ability to have a bulletin already filled in when the user lands on the post page, which put a huge damper on trains and other ways to utilize bulletins. Now users have to manually copy and paste the code in, which most of them haven’t the slightest clue how to do. I’m guessing that this exploit was one reason for that happening. Ahh well, it was great while it lasted. 🙂