Here’s What Happens When You Scrape a Hacker Site

Hilarious. Some dumbshit thought it would be a good idea to scrape content from RSnake at

He thought wrong.

I’ve got to think this is just some sort of dumb joke, but that would be way too smart. No, this is just stupidity. So anyway, it was fairly trivial to figure out who was ripping my RSS feed. So it took me a few seconds to modify my document management system to do some IP delivery to the moron, and a few seconds of searching on the web for some nice prescription drug spam and poof! His site now looks like a bad spam doorway page and will continue to do so even more so with every post he indexes.

Not to mension he is registered with Godaddy. I won’t even start with the trouble you can get into when spamming from a Godaddy registered domain.

Nice work Rsnake.

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2 Responses to “Here’s What Happens When You Scrape a Hacker Site”

  1. zigzo says:

    Please see the comment i left him in that post! thank you