Free Word Press Comment Spamming Script

I used technorati today to find another site about seach engine spamming. Here’s what I found:

The script does the following things:

A – look for WP blogs in Yahoo
B – post a comment

A) The script has a basic list of 100 most popular words in english language. It takes 2 random words, then queries Yahoo for WP blogs containing those words. Normally spammers take Google results. But I don’t wanna mess with my Biggest Friend.

B) Every post on WP has an ID. We don’t really wanna be bothered with extracting it… we just take a random number between 10 and 30, and try to comment on post with that ID.

Just select the text below, save it as commenter.php, put it on the server and you can start your career as a comment spammer.

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5 Responses to “Free Word Press Comment Spamming Script”

  1. rollinj says:

    I keep receiving the message “has found 0 blogs to comment spam” – anyone else seeing this? Any idea on how to fix it? Thanks a millioN!

  2. rxbbx says:

    great article..

  3. Kit says:

    Uhk, looks great but I am also recieving the ‘I have found 0 blogs that contain those words: **** or ****’ error. Still, thanks for the link eh.

  4. rxbbx says:

    It also does not work with me.. but I like the tactics they use. It gives you a good view of how easy and simple it is to spamm. I am not a spammer so I don’t take the risks but It has made me clear some things, how they work. If you see the simplicity of this you can think what the “real” guys have. Unbeatable I think.

  5. mike says:

    Same here, I tried it on three servers and still not working! Please don’t leave us on our appetite!