Recycling Front Page Digg Stories

1. William George of writes an article about dual Dual Processor vs Dual Core. It makes front page of digg 111 days ago.

2. reposts the entire article and gets it to the front page of digg today.

Here’s the kicker, if you check out the farameworkx article, they are even hotlinking the images from the original article. LOL. Now that’s ballsy.

From the Digg Comments:

Dude, all they did was just repost *our* article!

They did attribute you in the bottom of the article – the poster just didn’t see that or chose to use the ‘Framewokx’ repost for whatever insidious reason he might have.

They are stealing bandwidth for those images as well. They didn’t even have the courtesy to ask they were too lazy to try and make it look like they wrote the article.

Well, then the solution is to go in and do a little mod_rewrite magic in your apache config. for these guys. 🙂

Amen, Seumas. 111 days ago!

Indeed, why rack your brain trying to come up with something that can make the front page of digg? Just take anything that is 4+ months old, post it to a legit looking site, digg it about 60 times and you should be in business!

Although, I might avoid hotlinking any of the original images 😉

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4 Responses to “Recycling Front Page Digg Stories”

  1. scottj says:

    It looks like Seumas has been a bit lazy, too, since the frameworkx article is still using his images, and it doesn’t look like there has been any of his mod_rewrite retaliation happening.

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