Survey: What’s your Highest Adsense Click Ever?

We all know that in some cases people pay more than $10 per click in the content network and more than $50 per click in the search network.

My question to you, my readers, is:

“What is the Highest You Have Ever Been Paid for a Single Adsense Click?”

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16 Responses to “Survey: What’s your Highest Adsense Click Ever?”

  1. nnet says:


  2. john says:

    I think we got a $25 dollar click once. We’ve had a few around $11. The only consistently high clicks come in at just under $5 (in areas where advertisers are paying $20 + dollars per click).

  3. rxbbx says:

    Ive never have had good results in the search network at any of my sites.. :(

  4. Fatty says:


  5. cbk says:


  6. rizla says:

    1.60 $ :-(

  7. webcart says:

    I think I paid 2.50 once.. boy was that bad!!

  8. reesh says:

    ~ $.70

  9. bowoekowidodo says:


  10. BobArdKor says:

    $ 1.9 i think

  11. Smekarn says:

    Hmmm.. not much, around ~$1 I guess.

  12. ArtOf$ says:

    ~17.00 couldn’t believe it…many in the 12 range

  13. freelanceblogger says:

    A few in the $1.24-$1.90 range