Hogan’s Not a Hero . . . Yet

I’m sure you’ve read the wired article about Shawn Hogan deciding to stand up to the MPAA:

Of course, the MPAA isn’t backing down either. “I hear Mr. Hogan has said, ‘I’m absolutely going to go to trial,’ and that is his prerogative,” says John G. Malcolm, the MPAA’s head of antipiracy. “We look forward to addressing his issues in a court of law.” Look for a jury to weigh in by next summer.

The MPAA, in a Jury trial? They don’t stand a snowballs chance in hell and they know it. Shawn from digital point says he’s not a hero. True, he’s not a hero . . . Yet. He has to see this thing through – then he’ll be a hero.

Specifically, he has to countersue and win damages so it sets a legal precident for a class action lawsuit against the MPAA. If he does not countersue, the MPAA will be free to drop the case right before trial and continue to extort widows and children.

But if he countersues and wins, his team of lawyers will forever be known as “Hogan’s Heroes”.

Random unrelated funny post.

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2 Responses to “Hogan’s Not a Hero . . . Yet”

  1. Gotan Raider says:

    So they charge against an icon of the seo community. Not only he has all the resources to fight them, but he (and 90% of his forum members) know how to spam the web destroying the reputation of these clowns. Very smart PR move. LOL

    Im sure he’ll be able to monetize all this publicity and end up making money in the end. No matter how much he spends in lawyers.

  2. QuadsZilla says:

    If one of his advetisers said that they coould no longer do business with digital point because he is a suspected “thief” – he could definately countersue for damages.