Why Google’s Still Gaga for AMD

A little while back, Google became an AMD Opteron convert despite having Intel CEO Paul Otellini on its board, according to an analyst report.

Since they must have known that Intel would regain the speed crown this year, the question becomes “Why?”. Jaimie Sirovich suggests:

Why? Because AMD has this new technology that allows you to hook in specialized chips to accelerate applications via HyperTransport. Google could, for example, design a chip that astronomically speeds query parsing, or perhaps do something as obvious as accelerating Java applications. That, by the way, would have the “viral” effect of increasing the execution speed of every Java application they employ. Google is known to use Java pervasively.

Although some people take it a bit too far and make their site uglier than most myspace profiles, site speed is a much more critial factor in conversions and retension than most people realize. In the adult space, load times are more important than the type of content when calculating conversions. Have you ever accidently search Alexa and found youself frustrated waiting that extra 2 seconds, and clicked away to Google in that timeframe? I know I have.

If HyperTransport can accelerate query parsing or Java Aps, that would be a compelling reason for Google to stay with AMD.

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