7 Even More Effective Ways to Build Links

If SEO Black Hat and Porn are the only website you bother frequenting then you might not of heard about Link Building Professional Andy Hagan and Aaron Wall’s latest link building article by now. In it, they list 101 ways to build links, but they left out the 7 Even More effective ways for you to build links to your websites.

So consider this post a much needed an appendix to that link building article:

At Webmaster Conferences:

1. Roll to Conferences with your digital camera and some super Hot Rent-a-Sluts. While a good time in and of itself, you can also use this opportunity to build links . . .

Just get those tramps to press their cleavage against several high profile webmasters, point, and shoot. Then Post the pictures on your website and email the webmaster saying “dude, you look like such a Pimp in this picture, check it out . . . and link it up!”.
Plus, it’s not like you weren’t gonna be droppin’ $2k on hookers that weekend anyway. Now, you can legitimately write them off as a business expense.

2. Hook people up with coke. Ever notice that the guy at the party with the coke is always the most popular? Aside from getting all the babes, if you give coke to other webmasters they’ll be sure to hook you up with some link love.

Coke at Webmaster Conferences


3. Get a picture of a Journalist in a “compromising position” and tell them they either link to you or the dirt goes public. The same props from link building suggestions 1 and 2 will come in handy here. And when I say “Journalist”, I don’t mean just some shitty blogger like me; I’m talkin’ like NBC, the BBC, or the New York times. (Come on, you don’t really believe that CNN would just naturally link to a site called “SEO Black Hat” – do you?)

Hoax Marketing

4. Can’t get the scoop on anything before everyone and their dog has blogged about it? Then make some shit up! It doesn’t matter if it’s far fetched or down right impossible. The crazier it is the better. Don’t worry; people will believe it AND link to it. You could even say something like you blackmailed a high profile reporter at CNN and some douchebags would fall for it.


5. College kids are always short on cash and can often make blogs or web pages on juicy .edu domain. 2+2=links for you. For just the price of a case of Budweiser, you could land yourself multiple links from a prestigious university that will stick around for up to 4 years . . . or more!


6. Hack other people’s websites: Why bother asking webmasters for a link? Become a 1337 and just take ‘em! Hax0r your way into other sites and insert your links wherever you damn well please.


7. Join the Mafia. Why grovel for links from a webmaster when you can make him an offer he can’t refuse? Someone ignoring your “request” for a link trade? Send over some goons to bust his kneecaps! Smash that dork’s dual LCDs over his dog’s head on the way out and see if he pulls that “umm, umm, I didn’t get it – it must have gone in the spam folder” crap ever again. Once word gets out that you’re SERIOUS about link building, the rest of those wimps in the blogosphere will fall right into line.

So there you have it. If you can’t build links now, armed with these two high powered articles, then it’s time you seriously considered a career change.

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17 Responses to “7 Even More Effective Ways to Build Links”

  1. PUA Forum says:

    Man, you are one link-baiting whore!

  2. How did Aaron and Andy miss these gems??! 😉

  3. TwoFifty says:

    So that’s the kind of 1337 black hat tips we can expect in the forum?
    Where do I sign up 😉

  4. Dudibob says:

    I love it, now all I have to do is get in contact with the Mafia 😉 lol

  5. matt sandy says:

    The only ones that seem easy are 6 & 7… Seven is only easy because I am already italian.

    Just to let you know you are ranked #1 for ‘expedia blog’ in google after doing that story cnn linked to you for.

  6. stefanjuhl says:

    Is this new? I thought everyone was building links in these ways… I guess competition will go up after this!

  7. komrad says:

    You’re kicking ass dude, btw, id like to post some bh seo method in this blog, how can?

  8. seohno says:

    Have you considered just sending a finger with your link requests? Medical schools keep bodies just laying around, and you don’t actually have to mention where you got the finger or why sent it – just a simple “Please link to X. Thank you.” should do the trick…

  9. ket says:

    Number 4 (creating hoaxes) works like a charm…

  10. […] Also, if you missed it, Quadzilla posted “7 Even More Effective Ways to Build Links” following Andy and Aaron’s post last week… 2. Hook people up with coke. Ever notice that the guy at the party with the coke is always the most popular? Aside from getting all the babes, if you give coke to other webmasters they’ll be sure to hook you up with some link love. […]

  11. esrun says:

    Some interesting choices!

  12. nuevojefe says:

    I want to warn everyone against such methods. After being on the run for 4+ years these same tactics finally landed me in prison. I was captured in an Internet cafe in Bogota, Colombia and extradicted back to Los Angeles, CA where I await sentencing after being found guilty under Federal prosecution for violations of the RICO act.

    Interestingly enough, I’m now left with some SERIOUSLY trusted domains for sale though (I was certain to threaten retribution, even after incarceration, to any of my victims who removed my precious aged links). Any serious offers accepted; I need appeal money (appealing on technicalities, not that I’m innocent). Hope to see some of you in here soon; with so few SEOs willing to get serious with link extortion and the skilled use of physical violence it really is somewhat lonely in here (for SEO/i-marketing conversation). Luckily I’m 6’5 320lbs so I can fight off inmates experiencing that “other” type of lonliness….

  13. abhilash says:

    I don’t know about these other guys, but coke definitely gets me going. i’m downright willing to do almost anything for some coke. seriously. i’ll… i’ll…

  14. Renegade says:

    Great stuff 🙂

    But I’m not getting why a soft drink would be any help. Unless you’re pouring it over naked Hot Rent-a-Sluts for other web masters to lap up. That would probably work… Or get the Hot Rent-a-Sluts to lap it up off of each other… Belly button shots anyone?

  15. […] 7 Even More Effective Ways to Build Links … inovative and effective ways to build links you are ever gonna find in your life … position” and tell them they either link to you or the dirt goes public. … […]