Humor and Drama in Diggville

In the past, we have pointed out different ways Digg is rigged and how people are gaming Digg.

But today, Jesus Phreak asked is digg rigged? and got 400 Diggs detailing how the top 30 basically just Digg each other’s stories and game their way to the top every day. The story was buried so he followed up with a what happened to digg post that received enough publicity to make it the front page.

What is the significance of this? It would seem that despite Digg’s emphasis on being ‘democratic’, truly only a very small group of users get to actually have any kind of a say in the site. If you aren’t a part of this group, then good luck. Even if you submit an article about a certain subject first, if one of these users in question comes along and submits it also, your story will never see the light of day. Further, it means that Digg’s moderators have no problem with this abuse of the system. They seem to actually be restricting access to anything that may be critical of Digg’s flaws (even if this is constructive).

These stories got so much attention that Digg CEO Kevin Ross has Responded:

I can say that a key update is coming soon. This algorithm update will look at the unique digging diversity of the individuals digging the story. Users that follow a gaming pattern will have less promotion weight. This doesn’t mean that the story won’t be promoted, it just means that a more diverse pool of individuals will be need to deem the story homepage-worthy.

Interesting stuff. Algorithm changes to combat abuse? Where have we seen that before? 😉

But the Digg Quote of the day comes from this awesome wired article under the title of “Blogs and their ultimate perfect entry.” Examples included:

Boing Boing: Crocheted replica of subway map cracks DRM on collection of old video games.

FARK: Drunk frat boy in Florida has sex with underage donkey, sues Strong Bad for negligence. Still no cure for overused in-jokes.

AMD, SCO patent MP3 over TCP/IP, sue ATI, EA. Microsoft probably responsible somehow.

for Digg, Lore totally nailed it:

Digg: Hey, cool, someone wrote an article about Digg!

Note: this article was written before today’s Digg drama. Very nice work Lore Sjöberg!

Update: Top Digger Quits in a tantrum after Kevin’s Post.

Generaly consensious from Diggers: Please don’t leave don’t let the door hit you on the way out!. It’ll be a better place without you.

What do you suppose that digg account is worth? Anything?

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4 Responses to “Humor and Drama in Diggville”

  1. nnet says:

    Is it just me or is Digg actually looking more and more like communism, the idea that everyone is equal but in reality there is always an elite at the top running the show?

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