“SEOs are Criminals” – Matt Cutts

Here’s a great thread over at threadwatch discussing the criminality of SEO and certain black hat SEO techniques:

And well you could argue if you’re signing a ton of guestbooks really fast, or you’re doing a ton of trackback or referer spam, you know that almost does get towards the denial of service attack, but this is the first time where you could actually go to a court of law and you can say, “look, here’s my account, I got hacked, here’s all the stuff.”

And on some level, it is almost kind of a silver lining, in that for the first time you could go, and you know, you could actually get an SEO convicted of doing something like this. – Matt Cutts of Google

The audio on webmaster radio is here.

Clearly, Matt is making moves so he will be ready to be National Security Director in 2008 and crack down on spam.

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2 Responses to ““SEOs are Criminals” – Matt Cutts”

  1. spider ninja says:

    give the spiders machine readable content, give the surfers what they are looking for…win-win 😉

  2. frederic.peters says:

    I sent several mails to Matt Cutts, he never replied.
    In France, I am sueing Google for no reaction on spamdexing complaints.
    In Belgium I met a well known lawyer, Magrez ( remember), we are going to sue Google again because they have very strange practises. They don’t allow spamdexing but they permit it.
    My competitors have 5 links on the first page. I will now keep the examples for my lawyer as I gave too much time to Google to correct this.

    I am fighting against spamdexing since march 2006 ( after the BMW.de problems )
    One of my website was suddenly blacklisted by Google without reason, without explanations, without warnings.

    There is really a “Google problem”.

    I made some requests, and some websites are still doing spamdexing with alias of domain name like city1.thewebsite.com city2.thewebsite.com, …
    Also, some website are giving their content to high Pranked website and it becomes

    The algorithm of google is not taking this in consideraton.

    The duplicate content is present everywhere.