Hey Quads, Why is My CTR so Low?

I was having an IM conversation with the proprietor of My Hot or Not and he was asking me why his ctr was so low – like under 0.5%.

So I went to the site to have a look and nearly pissed myself laughing at the first google ad I saw (under the login).

I took a screenshot.

Can anyone guess why his CTR might not be that hot?

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7 Responses to “Hey Quads, Why is My CTR so Low?”

  1. rxbbx says:

    Filter that herpes 🙂 .. i see he has normal ads now.

  2. skillfull says:

    houston, i think we have a herpes problem

  3. nnet says:

    Is Herpes hot or not? 🙂

  4. pip says:

    maybe he should replace the “next gurl”-button with an ad every 10-20 PIs 😉

  5. FreeAgent says:

    Fucking Classic! lol

  6. eddie says:

    That’s hilarious. I used to have a site like that and the 0.5% is actually higher than my 0.3%. With people rating pictures over and over again, it’s common for one visitor to rack up over 100 page impressions, killing the CTR.