$500 Demise of Craiglist Prankster Jason Fortuny Contest

By now you are aware of Seattle Washington’s Jason Fortuny evil sexbaiting stunt. It’s been everywhere including Slashdot, Wired and will soon be in all the major newspapers.

In my opinion, Jason Fortuny’s future looks rather bleak. But who can guess when and in what way Karma will decide to deliver her ass-whoppin’?

Well, since he wanted to have some fun at the expense of others, I figure you should get to have some fun at his expense.

So, if you can accurately predict Jason Fortuny’s demise, you can win our “$500 Demise of Craiglist Prankster Jason Fortuny Contest.”

Here are the 3 possibilities we will include in the contest:

1. Criminal Indictment against Jason Fortuny

MrTurner at Threadwatch pointed out that what Jason did is a 2257 violation:

But the biggest issue he could fall into is the fact that posting nude images online without proper 2257 documentation is illegal. You can’t post nude images online in the US without proof that the individual is 18 years of age or older. A single offense could be a fine of $25,000 and up to 5 years in jail.

So there is certainly a chance for a federal indictment. Choice one is for a criminal Indictment of Jason Fortuny stemming from his publicity stunt (not a conviction).

2. Civil Damages awarded against Jason Fortuny
It is also likely that he would lose in civil court for either Intention Inflictional of emotional distress, copyright violations, or public disclosure of private facts. Choice two is for a court or Jury to award civil monetary damages exceeding $100k. This seems the most likely, but it may take the longest to come about.

3. Physical Harm or Death to Jason Fortuny
There is also the chance that one his victims will inflict enough violence on him to either put him in the hospital or the morgue. I am not endorsing this type of action, but it seems a possibility given his high profile, the availability of his contact information, the personality type of the people he screwed over and proximity to his more than 170 victims.

*You may not win this contest if you are one of the victims and you perform the violence (sorry, liability and all). Nor can you incite the violence to try to win the contest, it has to just happen naturally.

So put on your Nostradamus hats, whip out your crystal balls, or just take a wild guess!

Entries should be in this form in the comment section (one entry per person):

[Choice], [date], and [some comment mentioning Jason Fortuny]

If more than one person picks the winning choice and date, the $500 prize will be split. If no one picks the right date / choice combination, no prize will be awarded. First qualifying event ends the contest. If nothing happens to him – everybody loses.

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25 Responses to “$500 Demise of Craiglist Prankster Jason Fortuny Contest”

  1. x2727 says:

    Physical Harm, 12/06, …Good luck, Jason Fortuny.

    Sidenote: I think a better contest would be how quickly Jerry at M$ will get fired for posting pics of his ~!@#$% using his M$ email address.

  2. komodo says:

    Civil Damages, 11/06, Hilarious. Sorry it backfired, but you shouldn’t have done it.

    But I’m glad he did, hah.

  3. chris86 says:

    Civil Damages, 06/07.

  4. srcastic says:

    I’d guess option 2 – civil damages.

  5. joebanner says:

    If nothing happens to him – everybody loses.

    The odds are in the house’s favor. The deck is stacked against us. I am starting to lean towards Criminal Indictment.

  6. QuadsZilla says:

    Date means month/day/year. I’m not accepting any more submissions for inditement after Jason Fortuny has been arrested or civil after Jason Fortuny appears in court.

  7. joecoolmedia says:

    I haven’t read the article yet so I’m not sure what he did, but just for kicks I bet it plays out something like… 2 months in county jail, 4-6 months in state prison with no fences or state hospital wither way he gets cable just not Shotwtime and Cinemax…

  8. joecoolmedia says:

    Haha nevermind, he’s not going to be locked up for this gay shit! Jesus you know how overcrowded jails are?! This is a pretty worthless post

  9. killword says:

    > Date means month/day/year. I’m not accepting any more submissions for inditement after Jason Fortuny has been arrested or civil after Jason Fortuny appears in court.

    In many places, the date is written with the day first; but nowhere is indictment written “inditement.”

  10. chris86 says:

    Ok, since we have to predict the day too, I say…

    Civil Damages, June 7th 2007.

    (Geez, I feel like a fake Nostradamus.)

  11. yolkie says:

    Physical Harm or Death to Jason Fortuny, Oct 8, probably sodomized!
    i have no pity for such stupid act. Lol.

  12. Straight Razor says:

    3. Physical Harm or Death to Jason Fortuny, 09/15/2006, and maybe it will go something like this… The life of Jason Fortuny has been punctuated with a full stop at Ogrish.com. His final web presence will be in pictures found there, where he and his careless actions will serve as a morbid reminder that some people are destined to serve as an example to others, for how not to treat their fellow man. Jason chose to publicly humiliate and bring pain to some people who never wanted or deserved that kind of humiliation or pain. He very foolishly chose to do this to people who make it their hobby to give and receive their own style of pain. Jason finally stopped laughing, as watched the petrol fill and give life to the chain-saw, of which he was to have his final moment of intimacy with. Jason Fortuny. From man, to meat, to ash. R.I.P. 15th September 2006.

    I feel for those who loved him and those who may have tried to love him. But he poked a stick in the eye of one too many pit-bulls. I nominate in advance, Jason Fortuny, for the Darwin Awards, 2006.

    Death comes when the passions are high. If he dies, he dies soon. This Friday, when his victims are drunk and/or drugged up, depressed and alone, the thoughts of murder-suicide will run high.

  13. Nostradamus says:

    3. Physical Harm or Death to Jason Fortuny, 09/30/2006

    There are presumably over 100 alpha males who enjoy inflicting pain and violence with a real interest in causing real harm to Mr Fortuny. Some will have lost a wife or girlfriend, some will have lost their job, some will have lost everything. All have been humiliated before their friends, families, co-workers and the whole online world. These are desperate voilent angry men. Who would bet their own money that not one of them will hunt down the man they see as being responsible for ruining their lives – what have they got to lose?

    “Listen. And understand. That terminator is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead. “

  14. blackyoda says:

    Here is my prediction for his demise:

    Jason Fortuny dies alone in front of his computer with a pierced rectum and 2″ of a 10″ Mighty Moe Throbber dildo hanging out of his bloody butt looking at gay porn.

    I would hope that those whom he harmed would band together, pool $ and sue him at least civally, so that he might not be able to afford DSL anymore, and the gay porn he so desires would be had over his neighbors unsecured wifi connection.

    What he did was pretty much the same thing as Gay Bashing….. Imagine if he went to a gay bar in Seattle and picked up a bunch of Gay guys only to humiliate them? Picking on the BDSMers like this is pretty much the same thing as that. The same kind of intolerance. The creepy thing from reading his stupid site is that you can see what a total idiot he is, hurting people just for kicks, and there is a tinge of moral superiority, like he thinks that their lifestyle is inferior to his own.

    I’m not part of the BDSM community or the Gay community but I despise bigotry in any form, and Jason Fortuny is a Bigot and his band of followers are bigots too.. What I don’t get is how someone like Jameth who is openly gay would support bigotry against the BDSMers too, and say things like he did about that dudes wife.

    It is a sickness, and the world is spinning, and certainly it will spin around again and they will get some kind of come uppance, and unforunately for them, there will be a great many people cheering their demise.

    Let’s hope that the District Attorney will look at this case and do something about it!!

    Physical Harm or Death to Jason Fortuny 11/30/2007.Yes a year later when the world has stopped paying attention to him he perishes alone and lonely in a terrible masturbation mishap.

  15. Geno says:

    I’m predicting he gets in some legal trouble so choice #1 on January 20th, 2007. The suspects are too obvious if he ends up getting murdered or severely beaten. Yeah they have his address and all contact information so they walk to his apartment or whatever and basically kill him, but then the police would have a list of 170 suspects and they could narrow it down with DNA. So I’m just gonna say that he’ll get in some legal trouble of some sort and lost money.

  16. littleman says:

    Going off on a limb, I think his fate has already concluded. There hasn’t been any activity on his blog in a while. For an attention getting narcissist he has been too quiet.

  17. blackyoda says:

    heheheh just noticed that on the main page for his “Experiment” it looks like the pics were taken off. He must be scared of being prosecuted for 2257.

    Nice work! ALso his private domain appears to be down.

    I hope this is not some kind of “glitch” that is only happening to me…

    Run Coward!!!!!

  18. seohno says:

    Indictment: January 18, 2007, though I wonder if one of the victims will sue to force Jason to perform the offered services sometime before then. Would that count as damages…?

  19. Chaon says:

    October 29, 2006. A wild halloween party somewhere and the topic Fortuny comes up. And somebody at the party knows where he lives. Drunkeness and rage. Road trip. Grave bodily harm. Hospital. Blogstorm.

  20. Tom says:

    Choice #2, 10/03/06, Jason Fortuny is my absolute hero. Moron though, he coulda had a lot of affilate conversions in match.com or something.

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  22. calladus says:

    None of the above.

    The Kings County prosecutor won’t press charges (see http://calladus.blogspot.com/2006/09/craigslist-prankster-may-escape-jail.html)

    Anyone willing to press charges for civil damages will realize that Fortuny is a self-taught IT “Expert” with no Microsoft qualifications – just a high school diploma. Therefore he’s broke and will only cost the litigants money to sue him.

    Those with enough testosterone to want to kick his ass will instead spend their time doing more important things, like having another beer or cruising for chicks. They’ll console themselves by rationalizing that Jason can’t get any chicks.

    Fortuny will try to capitalize on his 15 minutes of fame, but he missed the window because he was in hiding during that 15 minutes. He’ll spend the rest of his life trying to do anything that he considers to be as cool, but will instead alienate his groupies due to his crowing over other stupid stunts. Eventually his groupies will grow up and get on with their lives.

    Jason will try to go back to college but will drop out due to lack of aptitude, interest, or both. In six months people on the Internet will say, “Fortuny? Oh yea, that guy.” In 2 years people will say, “Jason who?”

    Jason’s ego will never let him realize that he’s faded back into obscurity. From now on he’ll tell everyone how famous he is and why.

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  24. destinyland says:

    It just got harder. HE’S BUYING A GUN!!!


  25. flygirl777 says:

    I am surprised that so many people think that Jason Fortuny is such a monster. I think those sick bastards probably got what they deserved. Instead of talking about how wrong and evil it was for him to expose their privacy, maybe we should think about whether, these men who responded to his ad, had wives or girlfriends at home they were cheating on.

    Granted, I do agree that everyone has a right to their privacy, and everyone should have the freedom to do what they want in private, between consenting adults, UNLESS they are knowingly hurting someone else. Lets take a minute to think about what kind of people these are and if what they were doing is hurtful to others. Like I said before, they probably had wives or girlfriends at home who trusted them, and if that is the case, they should be exposed. Also, what type of person solicits sex from an online ad? These are probably people who take advantage of and dehumanize women, in every day life, they are probably the type who would prey on underage girls, or even of women who are of age, but who are kind and trusting people.

    I was involved in a situation with a man who contacted me online, and acted like he was interested in dating me, then it turns out that he was only interested in manipulating me into having online sex with him, and it was very hurtful and confusing to me. I learned later that he was some sort of sex addict and that there are a lot of guys out there who are in relationships yet they secretly will have some weird sex obsession and take advantage of unsuspecting women who are single and lonely.

    Instead of directing so much hatred towards Fortuny, I think it would be better directed towards the men out there who have no respect for women, and will manipulate and connive their way into bed with someone with no regard or care for that person’s feelings and no appreciation for how sacred sharing that with someone is. This is actually a form or rape, only instead of physical its a mental and psychic form of rape that can be extremely painful and scarring to a woman. I’m just saying this to make a point, I don’t literally condone any form of hate really. What it comes down to really, Is that its just really sad that the world is like this, that so many people are sad and lonely, its so hard to trust someone, and sex has been turned into something so ugly.

    Oh, and how ironic is it that on the other site, where people were posting angry responses to this issue, there is a giant picture of a half naked girl advertising sex?