The Google “PDA Hack” Was Great While it Lasted!

About 4 weeks ago, one of the posts on the private SEO Black Hat Forum showed how to get your content indexed on a Google Domain AND have backlinks that counted from the big G.

Here was the original post:

I call this the Google PDA Hack as that is simply what it is. A small breach in Googlebot makes it index it’s own PDA search results.

This will probably not last for a whole lot longer as more and more people are starting to use it but anyhow here is a quick guide on how to.

1. Let’s first see it in action

Second listing

2. To get your site listed with the PDA hack its important that the site you want listed is already indexed by Googlebot otherwise it wont show and even more important it is that your domain don’t get banned. F.x last week some guy refspammed the [heck] out of this gimmick and he was 3rd on Viagra so his domain was listed under the PDA search pages but no pages was indexed as he was banned. Don’t make that mistake. Just get your pages indexed don’t get them ranking. The PDA hack will do that for you.

3. Now we change the pda search string. It’s easy as ABC.

4. Ok now you ready with your PDA search string. Simply take it and get it linked from somewhere and you should be in the SERPs in no time.

That’s all folks!

It’s funny, because a couple of people PM me saying they can’t find anything to use in the forum – while others tell me it’s far and away the best forum they’ve seen.

Most of us knew the Google PDA Hack was incredible; we also knew it would not be around forever. Alas! The exploit has been fixed — but it was great while it lasted! Several people IMed me about how they were raking in the cash on very competitive SERPs because of this Google PDA hack.

Indeed, Black Hat SEO is a constantly evolving art form. That’s why if you have the tools and knowledge to take advantage of an exploit when it becomes available, you want to be one of the first to know about it.

Is this kind of information worth paying money for? Well, not for everyone. Clearly my Grandmother would not have benefited from having this information 4 weeks ago. On the other hand, many of our members were able to abuse this exploit before it was patched up and made more than enough to pay for YEARS of membership to the Private SEO Black Hat Forum.

Will joining the forum be worthwhile for you? Maybe. Maybe not. It’s definiately not for everyone. However, your opportunity to “peek under the hood” for $100 will soon be coming to a close . . .

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4 Responses to “The Google “PDA Hack” Was Great While it Lasted!”

  1. Dudibob says:

    >>However, your opportunity to “peek under the hood” for $100 will soon be coming to a close . . .

    Does this mean your going to stop memberships soon!? 🙁

  2. stefanjuhl says:

    I believe it was said at the start that the $100 a month was an opening offer. Thereby after a certain period the price would increase for new members. At least that’s how I remember it.

    So if you’re not a member yet you should probably hurry up and join!

  3. japoani18 says:

    Do you accept any other way to pay for the subscription to the private forum besides PayPal?
    If i make a subscription can I stop at any point ?

  4. […] Mitte August sorgte ein Beitrag im seoblackhat Forum für Aufruhre. Darin wurde beschrieben wie man an Backlinks von Google selbst kommt. Es gibt keine bessere Authoritätenseite – keine besseren Backlinks. Die Benutzer, die den Trick ausgenutzt haben berichteten von explodierenden Besucherzahlen. […]