Upgrading the WordPress Template and Theme

SEO Blackhat is going through a live revamp. We did some staging and are now down to ironing out the bugs. Of course I expect the full gambit of comments on the new theme. So please feel free to fire away in the comment section.


“And of course, with the birth of the artist came the inevitable afterbirth – the critic.” – History of the World Part 1

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24 Responses to “Upgrading the WordPress Template and Theme”

  1. Dudibob says:

    I really like the new design but am not keen on the Green and red navigation parts

  2. stefanjuhl says:

    haha, when I just entered this site I went straight up to the address bar because I thought I came to a wrong URL… It didn’t look like it used to. Though I noticed the logo and took an extra look.

    Regarding the design.. The green menu box is “SCREAMING” so I don’t really know if I like that, otherwise it looks good. Also, the bookmark icons in the bottom of a post, when you’re at a post, they don’t show correctly – because there’s missing a slash in the start of the img-src.

  3. QuadsZilla says:

    Yea, i just noticed the bookmark thing and changed them to abosolute URLs. I didn’t have SEFURLs on in the staging area.

  4. rxbbx says:

    I think the green is the color of the forum.. 🙂 perhaps put the red blog block above the green forum part… .. Looks good. Success.

  5. Tom says:

    Where can I send you my character description?

  6. QuadsZilla says:

    The description for the main page (250-310 characters) can be sent to me (quadszilla) at the domain seoblackhat.com.

  7. Tom says:

    Thank you, I (Tom) from a different domain, shall be emailing you (quadzilla) at the domain seoblackhat.com right now.

  8. jadr says:

    What, are you designing for blind people now ? Everything is huge. Reduce fonts, icons etc. TOOOOO big.

  9. nnet says:

    Dear God, it’s SEO Black Hat 2.0 🙂

  10. mrbig25 says:

    very nice. like it a lot

  11. TwisterMc says:

    It’s huge, but cleaner. I’d tighten up some of the space in the comments and left align the red and blue box items. Also, can we keep Muppets around? Muppets are cool. Overall, very nice, big, but nice.

  12. pip says:

    aaaaaaargh…. to oversized for me… i feel like pushing the screen awy to get some distance… overdone imho, but i like the idea though.

    i would reduce the range of colours in use, too…

  13. scottj says:

    It sure is … big!

  14. MrPenn says:

    the RSS button is too small…it should take up at least half the page.

    If you need further help please consult Hugh’s graph here: http://www.gapingvoid.com/crapblog331.jpg

  15. QuadsZilla says:

    LOL @ mrPenn Graphic. Nice!

  16. skillfull says:

    yeah seriously i find the design too big, but i do like the colors 😛

  17. joebanner says:

    Great design! Big is better! Viva Web 2.0. I would prefer fewer colors but that’s just me. 😉

  18. enginefish says:

    Very nicely done. Gotta agree though – fonts are too bright & big. I like the previous design – it was very evil.

  19. FreeAgent says:

    I like the graphics, but I feel everything is way too fucking big. I’m going to start calling this place SEO Black Hat for the Blind.

    I just did a little redesign of my own. If you have nothing better to do peep my new MySpace profile layout…


  20. BobArdKor says:

    Very clean. very 2.0ey indeed. A few ctrl+minus’es and it’s ok to read ^^

    I also feel the color range is somewhat too large, though. I don’t especially enjoy the yellow-on-vivid-blue links, for example… bah. not that i really care about it anyway

    I like it.

  21. QuadsZilla says:

    Tightened up the spacing in in the comments and in the post body, reduced the font sizes. The colors aren’t going anywhere any time soon

  22. twanster says:

    Ah yes… the artist and the critic. An oftentimes contentions coupling, indeed. Use whatever design template you like. Makes little difference to me. I’m no critic. I’m a content whore. Just keep posting great info as always, seasoned with a dab of humor from time to time and all’s well in the world.

  23. Andrew Johnson says:

    Nice job; not a big fan of “2.0” styling, but your design draws readers to the things you want them to do — something I find myself trying to explain over and over to many web developers.

  24. presellpageman says:

    Hey, nice layout.. this stuff actually looks like the blog from text-link ads… who is the designer? I want that too 🙂