Forget the Digg Effect – Check out the SEO Black Hat Effect!

I did several things to prepare for Digg with my last post, 10 Steps to Guarantee You Make the Digg Front Page, because I was confident it would make it to the front page. For example, I enabled the wp-cache plugin and moved my entire WordPress theme (images +CSS) to another server. Then I changed the link rel in the header.php to point to the CSS on the other server.

These kind of precautions help you to prevent the load from all the new visitors from Digg from crashing your site.

Unfortunately for digg, they had no time to prepare for a site with the massive readership of SEO Black Hat. While My story was number 1 on Digg’s “Today’s most Popular”, their site went down!

Here’s a screen shot.

Maybe next time Digg should prepare for the SEO Black Hat Effect.


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8 Responses to “Forget the Digg Effect – Check out the SEO Black Hat Effect!”

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  2. That’s HILARIOUS!!

  3. dan88 says:

    I had to register just to say: “HEHE”. 🙂

  4. Muskie says:

    The link at the bottom of your RSS feed didn’t work for this article. This is what was at the bottom:–-check-out-the-seo-black-hat-effect/

    Perhaps world domination is still a few blog postings away after all.

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  8. […] 2. You need something more than shared hosting : If you are expecting that you’ll reach the digg homepage very often and that you’ve the talent of writing killer headlines (alas, I don’t have that gift) then you’ll need something more than shared hosting. Probably, VPS (Virtual private server) will be the better choice, of course if you are a real pro then dedicated server will be the best. Else you can take some steps which Quadszilla of SEO Black Hat took. […]