SEO Consultant Natasha Robinson Wins $250 Contest

We had a few entries for the $250 SEO Black Hat Description contest. The details were at the top of our home page and read:

$250 to whoever comes up with an awesome 250-310 character description of SEO Black Hat that is funny / witty / humorous, and includes all of the following themes: Effective, Insightful, Blackhat SEO, Linkbait, Link Spamming, The Private Black Hat Search Engine optimization forum, and Ranking in Google.

Today we have a winner! SEO Consultant Natasha Robinson aka: That Girl From Marketing took the $250 prize with this description:

Tired of useless Top 10 Lists for ranking in Google? Looking for effective and insightful info? SEO Black Hat Blog offers articles on Blackhat SEO, Linkbait & Link Spamming. And if you need to escape White Hat SEO Whiners, check out The Private Black Hat Search Engine Optimization Forum.

Here’s why that description is so good:

1) It Fits Perfectly within the Target number of characters that appear on a search result (286 characters).
2) It is concise. There are no excess words but she managed to include all the keywords we were targeting.
3) It’s written in a way to draw in new readers. Those questions in the beginning are designed to create interest. It asks if you have a certain need and then offers to fill that need.
4) There is a certain elegance to it that you’ll understand if you try to move, remove, or add any words.

Yes it looks simple – but that’s the beauty of powerful writing.

Thank you and congratulations Natasha!

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2 Responses to “SEO Consultant Natasha Robinson Wins $250 Contest”

  1. Hey,

    Thanks. (And thanks for the kind words.) Who knew that 5 min of work could amount to $250? Now if only I could actually bill $3000 per hour. LOL 🙂

  2. […] Want to see a great example? Go over to SEO Black Hat blog and you will see their meta description on their front page: Tired of useless Top 10 lists for ranking in Google etc… They held a contest for some creative genius to write this for them. Never fear maybe you could hire her to write one for you. You can find  Natasha Robinson at That Girl From Marketing.  […]